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Karen Carey's mission trip to Haiti 2007 This mission trip to Haiti was an adventure in so many ways. I had never before been on a mission trip, and my biggest fear didn't have to do with getting sick or persecution for my faith, but rather getting out of my comfort zone, knowing I'd have to get up in front of people and share with them.

But what helped me overcome that was how much I came to love the people of Haiti, which wasn't hard. The people there aren't afraid to show that they love you. I ended up wanting to share with them, despite my fears and my feelings of inadequacy as a "public speaker".

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Karen Carey's mission trip to Haiti 2007
Karen Carey's mission trip to Haiti 2007 As much as people say we're blessed to be living in America, I think that the people in Haiti are blessed even more. Their joy in their faith, their uncontained enthusiasm for worshipping God, and the way they love unconditionally told me that we Americans, with all our material possessions are the ones missing out.
The Haitian peoples' simple lifestyle keeps them from being distracted, and as a result, they have a relationship with God that I know I don't have. It's a challenge to me to push aside all those distractions of material things and just press into deepening my relationship with God. Karen Carey's mission trip to Haiti 2007

With all that said, I know that I left a part of myself there in Haiti. I'm thankful for Restoration Ministries and the work they're doing, and I can't wait to go back again.

Karen Carey

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