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Africa Training Bible School - Barabaig tribe

In theTukuyu ATBS -Tanzania Apostle David is training the untrained pastors from the Barabaig tribe. The Barabaig are a nomadic tribe of the Datooga people

This tribe is an un reached tribes according to Joshua projects and the ATBS Tukuya Center is very vital in the area.

Photograph compliments of wikipedia.org

The Barabaig live by hunting, farming, and animal husbandry. There is a custom in which they hunt their halots (or enemies) only with spears, which are: elephants, lions, and other animals.

Photograph compliments of Intercontinental Cry

Photograph compliments of Intercontinental Cry

Anyone who does so will be considered as a "ghadyirochand", or a hero, and is rewarded with gifts of cattle, women, and prestige in his tribe. 

The Barabaig are a proud people, with a reputation as fierce warriors. Traditionally, young men had to prove themselves by killing an "enemy of the people", defined as any human being not a Datooga, or one of the dangerous wild animals, such as elephant, lion or buffalo.

They are resistant to cultural change, including belief in Christianity, maintaining a strong adherence to traditional animist beliefs and practices. Since most Barabaig do not speak Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, and very few are literate, communication of the gospel must be in their own language, using the traditional media of story-telling and songs.

Like animists the world over, the good news of Jesus Christ is very relevant to their needs, once communication can be established.

Information sourced from joshuaproject.net

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