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Bon Repos Orphanage

During my first trip to Haiti I met a fine young man at the orphanage named Nicolas. He was the Youth Pastor at the Light & Peace Church that has a congregation of around 500 believers.

Nicolas shared his vision with me, to establish a Vocational School acting as a trade school or career college, operated for the express purpose of giving its students the skills needed to perform a certain job or jobs. Teaching job-specific skills such as sewing and secretarial skills for the girls, computer and communication skills, photography and ceramics and other arts and crafts. House maintainance including painting, carpentry, electrics, plumming skills and masonary for the boys.

This school is already a reality but in a small scale with around 40 student to date.
It would be ideal to expand on this and eventually to establish a Vocational School in the grounds of the orphanage if the land next door could be obtained.


  • Generator
  • Computers
  • Sewing Machines
  • Tools

Nicolas is a member of the United Childrens Mission an Non Denominational organization in Haiti that is made up of numerous ministries and churches including the Baptist, Church of God and many orphanages including My Fathers House and the Upper Room.

His main focus is sports evangelism and he was excited to hear about the Restoration Ministries Haiti football team in Jacmel.

United Caribbean Trust is delighted to partner with United Childrens Mission to help promote Sports Evangelism, they have an excellent football team - Concorde and basketball team - Friendship.

Mission House

Accommodation can be provided at the Mission House for the young people, but a bus is urgently needed to assist with transportation.

We are looking to work with Christian colleges, churches, World Sports Ministries and Caribbean Sports Reach to see this become a reality in Haiti.


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