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CARRIACOU - Bishops College

Bishops College is Carriacou's oldest most established school. The principle Mrs Roselina Lendore was most informative on our first meeting and it she that was instrumental in pulling together the other principles in an emergency meeting.
Further information to be added about the history of the school and the pupils.
Students learnt in a natural setting, in an open classroom under the shade of the trees. These were destroyed during Ivan removing an intragal learning experience from the curriculum. All seating destroyed, 75 seats urgently needed.
The bathrooms have been extensively damaged, drains and sewage pipes destroyed by uprooted trees. Urgent help required.


Damage to the roof of the staff room has resulted in leakage and water damage to furnishings and electrical equipment a computer is urgently required.

Windows damaged, buckled and blown out during Ivan.
Class rooms leaking, urgent help needed. Click on the 'School twinning' dropdown below to visit other schools on Carriacou.

The principle of Bishop College attending a meeting held at the library, seen here with Dawnay St John discussing the severity of the educational challenges faced in Carriacou as they attempt to take on additional students from Grenada in an already difficult environment. Twenty five more are expected at Bishops College alone.


1. Furniture for students and teachers

2. Three (3) tents for classrooms

3. No water in tank because of leaking roof, damage spouting and guttering

4. Windows for original building

(110 sets of Aluminum) size: Length - 54` 5`` Width - 30` 7``

5.Rebuilding of Tuck Shop

6. Equipment for Tuck Shop

7. Electronic Projector, Lap Top (Computer) and educational software, tape recorder, CD player.

8. Sewing Machines and materials for Clothing and Textiles

9. Technical Drawing and Construction room, tools and equipment.

10. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology Apparatus, Chemicals for Chemistry, light microscope etc.).

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