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CARRIACOU - Hillsborough Government School

Mr. Henry Steel the principle of the Hillsborough Government School informs us that his school had serious problems prior to Ivan and we understand from him that monies from the World Bank have been allocated for rebuilding it.

Snarled galvanise from the roof resting in the damaged trees in the grounds.

Below the devastation within the class rooms. What is most disconcerting is the significant damages done to teaching materials, children's books and equipment.

All available records of the school dates back to 1956, the year after Hurricane Janet struck in September 1955. The building was destroyed by Janet and work to reconstruct started in February 1956. After the passage of Hurricane Janet, classes were held under tents at the recreation grounds. Classes resumed on 31 October 1955.

Hillsborough Government School was established sometime in the 1820’s. It is believed that it was the first public school in Carriacou. There is no record of the establishment of the present building at Beausejour.


The 235 pupils are now being housed in the public library and the community centre.

Mr. Henry Steel the principle of Hillsborough Government School is concerned because there is inadequate drinking water and very little ventilation.

Students are being encouraged to bring bottled boiled water from home.


The present structure which is now down for total demolition was repaired several times, the last being between 14 November 1980 and 28 April 1981. Some work was done to change the windows from glass to wood in August 1988.

The school, which is now housed at the Community Centre and the Hillsborough Secondary School’s Auditorium (it was housed at Auditorium in 1980-1981) now has a population of 240 students and 8 teachers. The school’s capacity is 300 students but evidence shows that in 1967 there were as many as 683 students and that there were as many as 67 students in one class.

It is not quite clear who the first principal was and how many there were but in the period before Janet, the name Mr. St. Hill came up. Mr. R.E. Noel was the principal during Janet and stayed until 31 August 1972. Mr. Uthan Samuel acted for a brief period 7 March to 31 August 1967, when Mr. R.E. Noel was made Parliamentary Secretary for Carriacou. Following Mr. Noel there were: Mr. Patrick Compton 1972 -1980
Mr. Justin Benjamin 1980-11983
Following Mr. Benjamin, the present Principal, who had served at L’Esterre Roman Catholic School as a teacher, at Six Roads Government School as Principal and at Dover Government as Principal took over on 25 January 1983. The present Principal is Mr. Henry Stiell.

Within recent years, many changes have taken place in Education, and Hillsborough Government School also had its share of changes. The hours of instruction was changed from 9.00am – 3:30pm to 8:30am – 2:30pm in April 1986. The School uniform was changed from blue and white to green and white in September 1995.

The years following saw the adoption of a school song, a school prayer, a school pledge, a school crest and a mission statement. The school’s motto was already in place. It says:


In September 2003, a school policy was adopted. There is a functioning Parent-Teacher Association in place which meets once a month.

Needs: Immediate
(1) Water supply
(2) Ventilation in the Community Office
(3) Additional Staff
(4) Furniture for Students and Staff
(5) School Supplies: Chalk, registers, dusters, books, paper, cartridge for photocopier, toilet tissues, first- aid supplies
Long Term:
(1) computer and printer
(2) Library Books
(3) Encyclopaedia
(4) Wall Charts and Maps
(5) Any other items necessary for Educational Purposes

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