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CEPC began the social works because if you treat the heart you have to treat the body also. So we have bought some lands to build the churches and schools .Already two schools are working even if there are not well built.


  1. To build the churches
  2. To build the schools
  3. To build the hospitals
  4. To build guest houses
  5. To build centers for children
  6. To establish radios and televisions
  7. To make seminars, formations of leaders and crusades.
  8. Mother's centers and projects like to save money in micro-finance, tailoring clothes and others.
  9. The work that CEPC does it gives and brings money.
  10. To build the laboratory for the health of people
  11. To build bible colleges and Christian book shops


CEPC begun in Congo (DRC) that is why you see all the papers that allow us to do the work written in French language. You will see them in copies that we have sent and different declarations.

In Congo Democratic (DRC) there are twenty churches that speak French and Swahili in UGANDA seven churches that speak English


In DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC) CEPC has all the letters that allow the work from the Government through the Minister of Justice. You will see them all in copies. In UGANDA we have the certificate from the Minister of Justice too that allows us to do the work.


After CEPC has continued to open those churches without money from out, now we stopped because of little and lack of money. For that we request people of good heart to help us to build for us and to make projects that will help many vulnerable people. It will bring money for the work of CEPC to go on well without being disturbed or to ask about help but we have done the ground work. We also invite all prospective partners to come on ground and see the word themselves so that they can put their building stone to the foundation as well.

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