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Goshen Citizenship by Investment Project - St. Lucia land

One such example is a 59 acre property situated in the tranquil area in Beausejour, Gros-Islet, in the north west coast of St Lucia. With this breezy location and quiet atmosphere makes this land ready for Residential development.

There is road accessibility and utilities are nearby making this property ideal for our CBI requirements following governmental approval and planning permission.

• 50 acres will be reserved for 150 X 14,500 sq ft house plots subject to planning permission
• 3 acres reserved for 3 luxury Timeshare Villas
• 6 acres reserved for PEARYL Project and recreational area.

Initially when each of our CBI investors are enjoying their annual week Timeshare holiday in their luxury 2 or 3 bedroom luxury villa/Condo their land will be cultivated and fruit trees will be planted around the boundary of each plot. Enabling them to pick free fruit from their land the entire week of their stay in St Lucia!

Inside the plots of house plots organic vegetables will be grown and used in the Timeshare Resort and in our other Goshen CBI Developments in St Lucia.

All of our Goshen CBI Developments will be totally self sufficient, from solar lighting and water filtration systems to organic sustainable agriculture.

When the CBI Investor is ready to build on his house plot the fruit trees on the boundary will make a lovely green fence ensuring privacy and an abundance of fruit.
The organic vegetables will be harvested and not replanted the year that the investor is planning to build.

This pattern will be reproduced in all of our Goshen CBI Developments

Profits from this development will be invested into building and establishing other Goshen CBI Developments in other islands such as Dominica, Antigua, Grenada in Phase 1 and Nevis and St Kitts in Phase 2.

And other Caribbean islands like St Vincent and Barbados when their CBI programme comes on stream.

On all the house plot of land a designer home will be built from a choice of architectural drawings depending upon the terrain of land by Goshen Construction Company Ltd the construction arm of Goshen Group.

In the Jewish Developments once the first 10 houses have been built the Goshen Construction Company Ltd will build a Synagogue to bless the new Jewish Community.

Within these Jewish Communities there will be Kosher Restaurants and other facilities geared specifically to the Jewish CBI Investors.

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