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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (February 22, 2004) ­ Caribbean and international development organisations are expressing shock at the unexpected passing of international environmental pioneer and nature enthusiast Dr. Colin Hudson in Barbados over the weekend. Dr. Hudson was the director of "Treading Lightly", a centre for problem-solving for sustainable development.

Lelei LeLaulu, President of Counterpart International, and Dr. Basil Springer, Chairman of Counterpart Caribbean, were saddened to hear of Dr. Hudson's demise and are remembering the Englishman, who had made Barbados his home for several decades, as a pioneer in the field of sustainable development and a gift to the Caribbean region.

"It is with deep regret that I advise that Dr. Colin Hudson passed away last night," said Dr. Springer in today's communiqué to Counterpart Caribbean's Board of Directors. "I spoke to him in the field less than two weeks ago and there was no overt indication that he was suffering in any way. Colin will be sadly missed by the sustainable development family."

Dr. Springer described Dr. Hudson as the visionary behind the "Village of Hope" exhibition which complemented the official business at the 1994

United Nations Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Barbados. The exhibit led to the establishment of the Future Centre Trust in Edgehill, St. Thomas, before Counterpart Caribbean, in partnership with the Washington DC-base Counterpart International, accepted the responsibility to deepen its regional and international development mandate three years ago.

LeLaulu, a Pacific Islander who helped organise the Barbados conference, said Dr. Hudson's loss is being felt beyond the 166 square miles of Barbados. "I am deeply saddened. This is a difficult loss because Dr.Hudson represented a bright light in the dark decisions that are being made globally that degrade planet Earth. His passion, energy and genius will be remembered and even more highly valued in the years ahead."

UN Assistant Secretary-General Miles Stoby, hailed Dr. Hudson for taking on the challenge given by the Barbados Governor General and international champion of the NGO movement, the late Dame Nita Barrow to coordinate the important "Village of Hope" exhibit. "The exhibit was solution-oriented," recalled Stoby, "focusing on many of the sustainable development challenges islands faced and some of the simple decisions we need to take to heal the planet. The UN family is deeply indebted to Dr. Hudson for his contribution to global sustainable development imperatives."

Dr. Springer said Counterpart Caribbean, currently in the process of developing The Future Centre into a fully fledged educational and recreational tourism attraction, for the benefit of children, residents and tourists alike, that will foster holistic sustainable development in the years to come, will ensure that Dr. Hudson's legacy is remembered and valued, especially among the youth of Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

February 23 Counterpart International (Press release)
By Counterpart International

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