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FIJI- Taveuni

Prayer Power Brings 'Transformation' to Fiji
By Lucille Talusan
For CWNews October 1, 2004

CWNews.org In Fiji, citizens and government leaders alike say prayer is changing their country.

Fiji is a cluster of 332 islands in the South Pacific; it is famous for scenic beaches and beautiful resorts. But in September, Christian leaders from around the world flocked to Fiji to see firsthand its dramatic national revival: a revival that started with prayer.
The people of Fiji now come together for a lively time of worship and unity. But it hasn't always been this way. Just four years ago, the sight of officials and citizens worshipping God together in the capital city of Suva was unimaginable.
In May 2000, Fiji was torn in two. Ethnic tensions between Indians and indigenous Fijians sparked a military coup attempt, led by Fijian Nationalist George Speight.
The government was held hostage for 56 days. Violence and chaos ruled the city. Suddenly, this paradise in the South Seas was crumbling to pieces.
But just as its people were becoming helpless, a tremendous thirst for God and a spirit of personal soul-searching swept through the churches.
Ratu Epeli Kanaimawi is the Deputy Director of The Association of Christian Churches in Fiji
He explained how that happened, "The people in Fiji have been praying that God would restore a government that was going to stabilize the nation, [a government] that was going to unite the various fragments of society in this country."

The President of Fiji, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, called the churches to unite in prayer and God began answering the cries of His people.

In July 2000, Speight and his followers were arrested but the previous government was not restored to power. Instead, God raised up leaders who honored Him.
The Prime Minister of Fiji, Laisenia Qarase shocked a crowd of ten thousand people as he boldly and publicly confessed his faith in God.
Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said to those 10,000 people, "Our efforts in building this country will come to nothing, if they are not rooted firmly in the love and fear of God. I ask Him to forgive me for the times I have been neglectful and cold in my relationship with Him. With Your guidance, Lord, this sinner will renew himself; will find new purpose in the pursuit of Your will. Lord, I entreat You, again, to forgive me, to save me, to capture my heart and hold my hand. I honor you as the King of Kings."

Today reconciliation and unity are evident among government and church leaders, and even among Fijians and Indians.

Rev. Joseph Suren is the Pastor of Agape Revival centre. He said, "There is a deep hunger in the Indians. Like, for example last month, I was holding a three-night crusade in one area. Now, the first night, there was a deaf man who was healed. Next door, the Hindus were having their prayer session. Just because the miracle took place, they came into sit in our crusade that night. The Hindu priest and a lot of their singers came over, because of the impact of what God had done by healing the man. So there is a hunger among the Hindu Fijians to come to know the reality of Jesus Christ."
Not only have personal lives been restored, but the land is literally being healed in almost every village.
Fijians say that for 42 years, a certain stream among the dry hills caused barrenness, mental illness and even blindness to the people of Nuku. But only last year, God miraculously healed these waters. They have now become a source of life.
Ratu Vuniani Nakauyaca is Director of Healing the Land Ministry. He said the Healing the Land team came in, which addressed issues like idolatry and witchcraft. "We were calling the tribes, and some of the villagers here came to join us. During the course of that time, the chief in that area was installed, and he made a Covenant. He made a Covenant with the people because during that time everybody in the community gave their heart to the Lord. As they made the covenant to God, three days into that process, the water was healed, mysteriously, miraculously."

In the village of Nataleira , these women villagers testify that fish can now be caught in abundance from the sea.
Kalesi Liku is a villager of Nataleira, she said, "In the past, in the last 15 years, there was not much fish around here. So,straight after they saw the 'Revival Fire,' the fish began to come."
The Fiji Revival has resounded throughout the world. This month Recently Christians from 14 nations gathered in Fiji to share their transforming experiences [which are] occuring in their countries.
Ugandan John Mulinde was among them….
Mulinde told what was happening in his country, "In Uganda today, almost every week a number of churches are being opened up all the country. So it's like a mushrooming of churches all over because so many are coming to the Lord."
George Otis, Jr. is the Founder of The Sentinel Group. He said, "People have gathered from all over the world here in Fiji to take that symbolic torch of Revival. And with ambassadorial teams meet with senior political, business and church leaders. Sharing two gifts with them: (1) the testimonies of what God has done, not just in Fiji but in many nations and cities and (2) the principles that brought these wonderful victories and breakthroughs into being. And inviting them to welcome the same Spirit and the same victories into their own nations."
Doug Stringer is the President and Founder of Somebody Cares America. He said, "Let this be an occasion for your testimony. The world needs to know in the midst of crisis that the church is one, crossing our racial and denominational lines. And that from every nation coming to the 'mountain-of-the-Lord' and saying how much we need Jesus."
In everything that was shared and heard, 3 key principles for Revival stand out: Repentance, Reconciliation and Unity in Christ. A sign said, "In the Name of Your Son, we will break down all the dividing walls."
What's so amazing is that they had that water that was making people sick, and they couldn't get fish. But, as soon as they honored the Lord, God turned things around. God can indeed change lives and lands.


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