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Follow Me Kids Discipleship Training - Moringa (Benzoliv)

Beatrice Benzolive Semans (Creol)

# 28th week of our Journey – Introduction to Moringa (Benzoliv)

This week’s destination: Planting the Jesus Seed
• The Trinity (Using the Moringa (Benzoliv) seed as a Visual Aid)
• Sowing the Jesus seed.


Come back next week to learn about a farmer who went out to sow his seeds. Bring your empty water bottle with the top cut off and a few holes in the bottom we are going to sow your Moringa seed.

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# 29th week of our Journey – Planting the Moringa (Benzoliv) seed
This week’s destination: Sowing the Jesus Seed
This lesson will help the children discover how truly wonderful the Word of God is as they plant the Jesus seed.
• Parables
• Sowing the Jesus seed
• Planting the Moringa seed – Meet Molly the Moringa Seed (English) or Beatrice Benzolive semans (Creol)

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