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Tabernacle Principal - Step 1

The Outer Court Activities - Time to burn off energy.

The thumb reminds us that even if only one child is present we can start our Step I the Welcome Games.

Step 1 - Welcome Game
1. Jokes - Ice breakers - Guessing games
2. Get their attention; prevent boredom
3. Gather them; keep from running around
4. Focuses their attention on the leader
5. Do something that is fun

Greeting Guessing Game:
a. Brings the children’s attention from outside of the meeting to inside

b. Late arrivals will not miss anything important

Examples of Guessing Game (—“How many stones have I got in my hand, or which hand do I have the stones in?”)

KIMI training at Hebron Bible School

“What do you think happened as you played?”

a. Attention drawn to the meeting

b. Attention drawn away from outside circumstances

c. Attention drawn to the teacher and one another

d. Hearts prepared to have fun

e. Gets their attention

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