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Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados
Goshen Conference Resorts Barbados Goshen Conference Resorts Barbados

Land has been identified and UCT proposes to build on the fifteen acres of the Property an international spiritual renewal residential conference centre and timeshare resort called ‘Goshen Resorts - Barbados’ (“GCR”), which will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

THE GROUND FLOOR: the ground floor of GCR will be over 22,600 sq ft and will host three 2,400 sq ft conference rooms seating 660 people and one smaller 1,920 sq ft conference room for intimate gatherings of approximately 160 persons. There will be a formal dining room seating approximately 200 people; an additional dining area in more casual buffet bar setting; and an outdoor dining area in the ‘Oasis Patio’.


This International Conference Facility alone will be over 22,600 sq ft

Additional seating can be arranged in the beautiful Jardine Verandas running the full length of the Conference Facility.

Additional seating can be arranged in the beautiful Jardine Varandas running the rull length of the Conference Facility.

THE FIRST FLOOR: the first floor consists of 12,420sq ft accommodation area.

There will be 15 one bedroom apartments, a large foyer and dining room. Also on the first floor is a spacious 2,760 sq ft roof garden and recreational facility situated above the conference rooms on the ground floor.

The accommodation on the first floor will be marketed to the Mega churches but to groups as community bookings.

The south elevation will back onto the Casuarina Grove overlooking the island.

Seen here the verandas that will service the rooms on the three floors.

THE SECOND FLOOR: the second floor consists of 12,420sq ft accommodation area similar to the first floor.

Running the length of the first and second floors are large interior Conference rooms.

The rooms facing north will have stunning views of the rolling Atlantic of the north coast of Barbados.

Each of these floors have their own conference rooms and buffet style dining rooms they can be set formally for special occasions such as weddings

The first and second floors each have their own dining rooms which can be formal or buffet style.


THE THIRD FLOOR: third floor has 14 one bedroom apartments with long communal verandas.

The sweeping staircase leads to a large foyer leading onto an Exclusive Meeting room enjoying glorious views across the resort to the North coastline.

DINING FACILITIES: there will be four ‘Chattel House’ style restaurants (the “Restaurants”) clustered around the communal swimming pool which will be located in the south west corner of GCR. The Restaurants will serve local ‘Bajan’, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines which will provide variety of culinary choices. These Restaurants will be tendered to top quality restaurateurs who will have complete oversight of them for a monthly rental. Figures for the Restaurants have not been included in the projected financials

Within the 15 acres will be a large conference facility with 36 one bedroom four star apartments on the first, second and third floors and 4 penthouse two bedroom luxury apartments.

As well as 60 two bedroom five star apartments in three 5 storey blocks.

58 two bedroom five star apartments in four 4 storey blocks, plus 3 luxury 4 bedroom Penthouse apartments of the fourth floor of the blocks overlooking the Atlantic.

There will also be 3 luxury 3 bedroom Penthouse apartments of the third floor of the blocks looking north across the golf course to the rolling Atlantic , all clustered around swimming pools and gazebos
Plus 36 one bedroom apartments in four story blocks.

Boasting its own pitch and put golf course, crochet lawns, tennis courts, jogging circuit, exercise deck and spa.

This Timeshare will be called 'Glory Share'. GR- BN will support and fund the humanitarian arm Project Hope we are believing God to be located just five minutes drive away. The beautiful old Great House is now almost derelict but could be restored to its former beauty. The seven acres are enclosed and could not only house Project Hope but enable UCT establish an Organic Farm to teach the children sustainable agriculture. .

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