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*In January 2011 in an interview with Wyndham Worldwide Chairman and CEO Stephen Holmes, on the changing nature of leisure travel, Holmes discussed what changes he had witnessed in the industry and why timeshare has done surprisingly well during the economic downturn. Holmes confirmed that although many people were cutting back the timeshare business has done exceedingly well. (*Information sourced from http://www.timeshare-info.org)

*With lower hotel occupancy rates, a sagging economy, and the changing demographics of travelers, hotel industry officials are constantly searching for ways to fill rooms. One hot topic is timesharing. (*Information sourced from http://lynnseldon.com)

Long considered the bad boy of the hospitality business, timesharing is coming of age in both size and stature. The entrance of companies like Disney, Marriott, and Hilton have served notice that timesharing is a viable occupancy option for the hotel industry.

Timesharing’s image of past decades is quickly changing and today’s vacationers now view it as a viable and economical option for current and future vacations.

The timeshare market is exploding. In the past two years, since 2010, almost 500,000 households have purchased a total of more than 700,000 timeshare intervals. That means there are more than 3 million owners at more than 3,000 resorts worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, a recent survey showed that most of these owners are happy with their purchase.

"It is clear that timesharing is gaining in popularity, not only here in the United States, but also across Europe, Mexico, and in South America," says Tom Franks, president of the American Resort and Residential Development Association, the timeshare industry body. "We expect the industry to double in the next 10 years and the hotel industry will definitely be involved in a big way."

Timesharing is the most prevalent form of vacation ownership. Consumers typically buy one or more weeks at a specific resort and can return to that resort every year or exchange it for a week at another resort. Timeshare prices currently average around USD $9,000, with annual maintenance fees of around USD $500. GCR has budgeted based on this research starting off its sales at US $6,000 for a one bedroom Villa up to US $10,000 for a two bedroom duplex Villa. GCR’s annual maintenance fees start at US $400 + depending upon the size of the Villa.

*Vacation or Holiday timesharing generally takes one of two forms:

a) “Fee" timesharing gives the purchaser permanent rights in the form of a deed to the property. About 85% of timeshare resorts sell under fee-ownership agreements; and

b) "Right-to-use" timesharing grants the purchaser the rights to the use of the property for an established period of time, such as 20 years. Under this type of timesharing, the purchaser does not receive a deed.

(*Information sourced from http://atlantaprofessionalmagazine.com)

Rather than return to their home resort every year, many owners opt to exchange to one of thousands of other timeshare properties worldwide. Many owners say this exchange privilege was a key reason for buying. Many hotel chains in the timeshare industry form their own internal exchange system to complement the exchange company services, which UCT can also facilitate through its Caribbean chain of ‘Goshen Conference Resorts.’

Hotel companies have found that the basics of timesharing are an ideal fit for filling rooms. They have accomplished this by using existing facilities and services, as well as developing new properties and support structures. Their success stories tell the tale of why and how the hotel industry is tackling timesharing.

While timesharing has been in the United States for just twenty years, Marriott has been around for more than six decades. In 1984, however, it entered the timesharing business and has turned the move into a very successful venture.

"We looked into it and in theory it was a sound idea," says Bill Marriott. "But, timesharing in practice was often not up to our standards. If we were not able to effect rigid controls on the quality of timesharing that Marriott offered, we were not interested in doing it."

That opportunity came in 1984, when American Resorts, which had recently opened a top-of-the-line timeshare project on Hilton Head Island called Monarch, initiated talks with Marriott. American Resorts concept of timesharing matched Marriotts, but the companies’ ability to carry that vision forward required major capital. Marriott had the capital. Marriotts’ Paradise Island Beach Club in the Bahamas was its first venture outside America.

With so many successful timeshare properties, Marriott serves as an ideal example of hoteliers involved in timesharing. Marriott now has over 40,000 owners, with annual sales of more than $100 million. It offers many travel programs for their owners, including an excellent internal timeshare resort exchange program, exchanges throughout Marriotts hotel and resort system, exchanges through one of the large exchange companies, one of the largest resale operations in the industry.

In one of the most exciting timeshare industry developments since Marriott entered the business, Hilton Grand Vacations Company was recently formed. Though Hilton will probably not begin the construction of new timeshare properties until later this year it is already entering into the market aggressively.

Many other hospitality companies have reviewed the advantages of timesharing and are entering the business. Among many, a perfect example is Disney. According to Mr. Pacala, the Disney timeshare project is substantially ahead of projections. The entrance and success of Disney serves as more proof that timesharing is a viable option for many hotel companies.

As with many hotel companies entering the timeshare business, UCT’s CTRP objectives include: creating a system of high-quality Christian timeshare resorts throughout the Caribbean; establishing property management and hospitality services that include reservations, resale, and rental segments; and establishing a ‘United Club’ to provide exchange services with our future CTRP and HMHF projects.

*The Executive Producer of Barbados Gospelfest, Adrian Agard at an interview with the Nation News said that Barbados has much to gain from faith-based tourism. Agard shared information that was intended to help focus some of the attention on the validity of seriously engaging the faith-based travel market. He said the information was gleaned while doing research for Gospelfest 2011. He indicated that there was much scope for Barbados to expands its offerings to this market because in addition to a wealth of cultural and artistic talent and contemporary established ministries, Barbados had inherited a wide range of sites of faith-based significance.

“It is our contention that based on our unique history Barbados has much to offer to potential faith-based visitors. Our feedback from visitors to the Barbados Gospelfest over the past 18 years convinces us that Barbados has the capacity to offer a substantial and unique product for the faith-based experience and fellowship segment of the market.”

According to the executive producer, at the global level faith-based travel is currently estimated at US$18 billion and 300 million travelers. And a global survey put the total market for faith-based travel in the US at about 16.6 million people.

“Christians account for 40 to 45 per cent of Americans; they’re rich, poor, old, young, black white, Asian...... with an estimated combined spending power of more than US$5.1 trillion annually.”

“The US Commerce Department has reported that in 2008 more than 900 000 people from the US travelled internationally for religious purposes and, according to a study by the US Travel Association, nearly one-quarter of all US travelers are currently interested in taking spiritual vacation,” Mr. Agard said. (*Information sourced from www.nationnews.com)
Today, timeshare is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. It has grown by over 900% during the past 15 years and is predicted to grow by another 900% during the next 15 years. There are now over 4,000 timeshare resorts and over 4,000,000 timeshare members!
Timeshare's success is due to the simple fact that it is a concept that works very, very well.

• Because timeshare owners commit to take a vacation on average one week per year, they enjoy the space and amenities of luxurious, multiple room apartment accommodation for less than half of the price paid by traditional vacationers who continue to commit to their vacations one vacation at a time.

• Timeshare owners enjoy the flexibility of choosing between thousands of timeshare resorts in countries all around the world and can vacation whenever they want to.

• The timeshare industry has gained tremendous credibility during the past few years as major hospitality companies, such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Disney, Intercontinental, Four Seasons and Westin have entered the timeshare industry.

• And timeshare also works for the resort owner. It eventually pays for the cost of the resort one week at a time and eliminates marketing expenses such as advertising, commissions to travel agents and tour wholesalers. In addition, it virtually eliminates the problem of rooms being empty 30% - 35% of the time.
Barbados is an excellent choice for a timeshare purchase. Barbados has all of the advantages of an up market tourist destination. In addition, it allows for very favorable exchanges to other destinations because of the popularity of Barbados and the rarity of time share weeks available. With less than 1/3 of 1% of the world's timeshare units located in Barbados, the law of supply and demand works very much in the favor owners of a Barbados timeshare week.
Within Barbados, The Crane has always enjoyed the reputation as an incredibly beautiful and romantic location. Our spacious, historic rooms all boast breathtaking ocean views. We are blessed with the soft, pink sand Crane Beach (said to be one of the ten best beaches in the world), crystal clear waters and year round tropical breezes. As well, our history as the oldest hotel in Barbados, our romantically secluded location and the feeling of space afforded by thirty eight acres of land and a half a mile of ocean frontage are unparalleled advantages that translate into the difficult annual choice between a wonderful vacation at The Crane and an exchange to one of the world's premier resorts. (Information sourced from www.funbarbados.com )
Christian Timeshare has no competition in Barbados because GCR will be a unique catering to a specific niche market. GCR’s timeshare will be unique because of its eco friendly, hurricane resistant qualities and will be of an excellent standard comparative to any 5 star hotel on the island. While GCR’s location is not on the beach, the attraction to this niche market is that GCR will be a place of tranquility in beautiful Barbados where thousands of Christians can bask in the presence of God and leave spiritually refreshed and renewed, ready to return to their busy lives back ‘home’.

TAPPING INTO THE MEGA-CHURCH MARKET IN AMERICA AND CANADA: *over 50,000 churches in the United States possess a travel program or travel ministry. Some of the advantages to having an international travel program, for example in a mega- church are: for discipleship and outreach; establishes stronger church community bonds; it promotes understanding of other world cultures and promotes peace and understanding; and helps develop growth of the church family. (*Information sourced from http://www.religiousproductnews.com)
* With over 100 mega churches in Florida, USA alone, with congregations of over 2000 members taking advantage of the easy access to the Caribbean from Miami, there is an enormous business and marketing opportunity. New York is another popular destination for easy access to the Caribbean. There are over 30 mega churches with congregations of over 2000 members in New York. Baltimore is the most popular flight into Barbados and there are 7 Mega churches located there. Boston has 12,000 members in just four churches. Washington DC is another popular flight destination to Barbados with 26,000 church members in 8 mega churches located there. Two states in the USA for excellent marketing is Tennessee with over 50 mega churches and Texas with almost 200 mega churches with over 2000 members. Some memberships in Texas are as high as 43,500 members such as Lakewood Church in Houston Pastored by Joel Olsteen.

Clearly the opportunity to tap into the mega church market is enormous and UCT has been networking and establishing contacts for potential glory share agents in each of these states that can go to market in these mega churches.

Another massive market is Toronto, Canada which has a growing number of mega churches and which also has direct flights to Barbados and other Caribbean islands.

GCR’s timeshare prices are within the normal range starting from US $6,000 for a one bedroom Villa, US $8,000 for a one bedroom duplex Villa, US $10,000 for a two bedroom Villa and US $12,000 for a two bedroom duplex Villa. These prices are very competitive to sell extremely quickly. Our maintenance fees range from US $400 to US $700 per year for GCR’s 120 Villas.

‘Glory Share’ gives clients not only the luxury of holidays in a world-class hurricane resistant resort with all of the comforts and privacy of their own home but the wonderful fellowship of other Christians who are at GCR not only for the sea and sun but to worship the Son.

GCR is taking significant steps to form its own sustainability culture among collaborators, guests, shareholders, and suppliers, allowing a more efficient use of all natural, social, and cultural resources. GCR’s dedication to create an eco-friendly environment will have an impact on the entire local tourism sector in the area. GCR thrives to earn the prestigious Green Globe Certifications award this is the global travel and tourism industries’ certification program for sustainable tourism. Green Globe Members save energy and water resources, reduce operational costs, positively contribute to local communities and their environment and meet the high expectations of green leisure and business travellers.

Because GCR will enable UCT to purchase the Property and will sustain the humanitarian project The WISH Centre there is a high social satisfaction factor. This is a prototype that UCT will be duplicating throughout the Caribbean and Internationally.


Multiple streams of revenue will be raised through:

• The rental of the Conference Facility.
• The rental of the Accommodation to locals as well as small ‘Mission Holiday’ teams of no more than 100 people per floor.
• The sale of the Christian timeshare.
• Maintenance fees on an annual basis.
• Profit from the many restaurants.
• Profit from the Mission Module Souveneer Shops
• Donations from clients to the many humanitarian projects around the world that will be funded through this Business Opportunity and showcased in the Mission Modules within the development

Christian Timeshare has no competition in Barbados because this will be a unique Pilot Project catering to a specific niche market. Our timeshare will be unique because of its eco friendly, hurricane resistant qualities and will be of an excellent standard comparative to any 5 star hotel on the island. The location may not be overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea but it will be a place of tranquility, serenity as thousands of believers bask in the presence of God and leave Spiritually refreshed ready to return to their busy life in the world.
Our Timeshare prices are within the normal range starting from US $6,000 for a one bedroom town house apartment, US $8,000 for a one bedroom duplex apartment, US $10,000 for a two bedroom town house apartment and US $12,000 for a two bedroom duplex apartment. These prices are very competitive and we believe they will sell extremely quickly. Our maintenance fees range from US $400 to US $700 per year for our 120 properties.

Because this development is connected to such an excellent and much needed humanitarian project in Barbados and will fund Child Care Centres throughout Africa, Haiti and Suriname there is an excellent feel good factor which will be beneficial when marketing the development.

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