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UCT is aware that the current volatile economy makes purchasing and maintaining the operations of our Project Hope Child Care Centres unrealistic if it is dependent solely on donations. With this in mind UCT’s primary objective in building Goshen Conference Resorts is firstly to generate the funds needed to establish Project Hope facilities regionally and secondly, to generate funding required to establish other UCT global humanitarian projects.

Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados, will also enable UCT to build PowerPlay Child Care Center for AIDS orphans and children rescued from human trafficking in various regions of Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and DR Congo.)

Faith Power PowerClub - Bundibugio

Faith Power PowerClub - Bundibugio


Faith Power PowerClub - Bundibugio

UCT already has headquarters offices established in Uganda and Tanzania and has established a network of UCT representatives who oversee UCT projects in these regions of Africa. A PPCCC will provide housing for 12 married couples who will be foster parents to the children in the PPCCC; housing and foster care for 72 children increasing to 144. PPCCC will establish sustainable family farming by bringing together farmers, families and entrepreneur to encourage a closer understanding of food production for the children in our care.


The King's PowerClub - Bugiri

The King's PowerClub - Bugiri


The King's PowerClub - Bugiri

UCT will develop enterprising projects such as farming and animal husbandry to provide sustainability for the residents within the Centres, establishing individual Kitchen Gardens and Chicken Farms on the land behind the child care homes as well as communal fish farms. Establishing Aquaponics and Agro Forestry. Developments and Permaculture Gardens designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies. These will be located on the ½ acre plots of land that houses the Child Care Homes, producing income generating crops on the agricultural land to enable the projects to pay administrative fees and stipends to the house parents.

New initiatives will include specialized animal fodder such as Mulburry bushes and the Moringa tree which has great use medicinally both as preventative and treatment. These project will provide training and employment opportunities on site for older orphans in the form of vocational training. This pilot project will start in Haiti. A Sustainable Haitian Integrated Food Training Program - A SHIFT Program which UCT is in the process of establishing in Haiti.)

These PPCCC will extend to the East Indies in Phase 6 of this massive plan providing safe havens for children rescued from sex slavery.

Jenny Tryhane the founder of UCT seen here on the lake during her 3 month mission trip to Africa in 2011.

Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi

Aims and Objectives:

:•To purchasing land in the various regions throughout Africa to serve as PowerPlay Centers.

•Constructing of low cost buildings and facilities including PowerPlay Child Care Centers, schools if not available, youth centers/worship sanctuary and vocational training schools.

•Developing recreational play areas for children's education and training, and for leisure activities including football fields to encourage Sports Evangelism and other children's ministries like KIMI PowerClubs and KidsGames plus educational programs such as Kicking AIDS Out.

•Developing enterprising projects such as farming and animal husbandry to provide sustainability for the residents.

•Planting a range of fodder for livestock animals, (i.e free range chickens, goats and pigs) including establishing Moringa Estates

•Producing income generating crops on the agricultural land to enable the projects to be self-funding and sustainability including fish farms.

•Providing training and employment opportunities on site for older orphans in the form of vocational training

•Providing a site for workshops for local entrepreneurs; school group visits; and seed banks for distribution to the locals.

CARICOM PowerPlay Child Care Centres

Closer to home we seek to establish similar operations in Haiti,in the interior of Guyana and Suriname. UCT already has contacts and UCT representatives in all these countries, in some cases we already own land and are awaiting the finances to establish the PowerPlay Child Care Centers, they will:

• Provide housing for 12 young married couples.
• Provide foster care for 72 AIDS orphan children increasing to 144 in total
• Provide funding to feed and educate these children

Multiple streams of revenue will be raised from GCR to enable UCT’s Humanitarian Arm by:

• The rental income from the Conference rooms and facilities of GCR
• The rental income for rooms from local retreats as well as Regional and International ‘Missions Holiday’ teams
• Glory Share sales (Christian timeshare)
• Annual maintenance fees for the Villas
• Rental income from the Restaurants
• Profits from an onsite souvenir shop called “Mission Module Souvenir Shop”
• Donations from churches, organizations and clients staying at GCR who will donate towards the WISH Centre and UCT’s Global Humanitarian Projects. UCT will showcase these projects in Mission Module Souvenir Shops

Because GCR will facilitate all of these humanitarian projects, there is an excellent ‘social satisfaction’ factor to GCR’s investors and also to its clients who will be purchasing GCR timeshare and using its conference facilitates for local, regional and international events, which will be beneficial when marketing GCR.

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