Bon Repois orphanage and school in Port au Prince Haiti
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Bon Repos Orphanage - Child Sponsorship Program 9 - 12 years

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United Caribbean Trust is pleased to be working in association with the Yolander Thervil Foundation on the Port au Prince Orphan Child Sponsorship Program.

Fabianne seen here with Jenny Tryhane the founder of United Caribbean Trust distributing the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes with Mama Yol the founder of the Yolander Thervil Foundation.

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Francois Rebeca seen here with Mama Yol distributing the 'Make Jesus Smile' shoebox project 2010 just days after the earthquake.

Behind is the damaged orphanage.

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Click to sponsor Rebecca Francois #259

Rebecca with Mama Yol

Sponsor Sara Elsurin #244
Chelsie Joseph

Sponsor Devalin #241

Bon Repos

Sponsor Chelsie Joseph #272

Age 10

Address: Bon Repos

Bon Repos



Sponsor Esterline #240
Cherline Dolmme

Sponsor Joanne Adresse #263

 Age: 9 years

Address: Bon Repos

Bon Repos

Sponsor Cherline Dolme #248

 Age: 9 years

Address: Bon Repos

Wedine at school


Miketi Endice

Sponsor Wedine Raphial #275

Age: 10 years

Address: Bon Repos

Sponsor Voila Francois #252

Age: 10 years

Address: Bon Repos

Sponsor Miketi Endice #276

Age: 10 years

Address: Bon Repos


Omilliene Charles

Age 10 years

Click on the picture to view her webpage.

Seen here receiving her Christmas gift, may God bless the children of Barbados that took part in the 'Make Jesus Smile' shoebox project.


United Caribbean Trust Music Sponsorship Mission House Sponsor a Haitian child Adopt a school

By sharing God's blessings to you with some of these children in Haiti you can give an orphan an education and a future with hope.

This can make a difference for eternity in a child's life.

What will your US $30 per month achieve?

The money will be divided into 3 modules

  • The first 1/3rd of the fees will go to the school to cover school fees, uniform, shoes, books, Bibles and pencils etc.
  • The next 1/3rd will be invested into the agro project to purchase livestocks such as goats, chickens, and pigs as well as grow fruit and vegetables. It will also help with the vocational training school funding equipment such as sowing machines and other job training projects.
  • The last 1/3rd will go towards funding the activities in the After School Club for the orphans and for the other children from the neighborhood that attend the school and church. When you support one child, you are also supporting the Christian community they live in.


Sponsor a Haitiian orphan 5 - 6 years
Sponsor a Haitiian orphan 10 - 11 years
Sponsor a Haitiian orphan 12 years plus

For the Haiti orphan child in this program they will:
  • Experience the wonderful feeling of being loved by a Christian friend that he or she has not met, but who cares enough to be a sponsor.
  • The opportunity to attend school and wear a school uniform with shoes.
  • The possibility of establishing a small family run livestock business, chickens, goats etc bringing in fresh food and much needed finance to feed the children in the orphanage.
  • The opportunities to learn important life skills, health education and build character.

    Make an eternal difference in the life of an orphan child!

Contact United Caribbean Trust - Email:


First Caribbean International Bank Bds Ltd

Super Centre Complex, Warrens, St. Michael


Account number 1001092544


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