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Vision Statement

• Standing in the gap for children, this is indicative of the distance the members of the Farr’s team are willing to endure, to ensure they successfully bridge the gap between society and the home by providing the information, opportunities and skills necessary to facilitate in the meaningful and maturing growth of the children from adolescence to adulthood.

• Developing meaningful relationships and giving love, this will be achieved while encouraging, building and uplifting self worth and love for God first, as a result, their personal love for others will be emanated in their daily interactions with friends and adults no matter where their future endeavors take them.

• Providing information needed for them to function in society, through workshops and personal development projects will enable them to aspire to become successful, to have a purpose in life and to be confident in their abilities as individuals in society.

• By providing Christian life style examples they can look up to and aspire to attain, will bridge the gap between the spiritual world and their reality, as a result they will come to know God not as a non- entity but as a real being who can cause positive change and evoke meaning, purpose and direction into their lives to ensure that all their dreams, hopes and aspirations are accomplished.

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