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Map Skit

A map helps us to know where to go. The Gospel Outline is like a map, it helps us to go in the right direction as we learn the Gospel and when we share it with others.

Gardening Demonstration

It is important to remember that when a person trusts Jesus ALONE it is not our work, but the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The Bible says: one person plants a seed,

and another person may water the seed.

One person nurtures the plant

We all enjoy being the one to pick the fruit off the tree.

But, planting and watering are just as important in God’s eyes.

We should never be discouraged if a person is not ready to trust Jesus ALONE at the time we share with them. We are being faithful to God by sharing with them.


The Weather report

Sometimes what you say is not as important as how you say it.

This is a good example in learning how to express something.

Seen here being read with joy and happiness

GRACE gift skit

This skit to introduce the Grace section of the Gospel Presentation

Bondage of Sin Skit

Sin holds you as a prisoner in bondage.

Only the Blood of Jesus…
can free us from sin

Three Sins a Day

How many times a day do you think a person sins?
If you sinned just 3 times a day you would be pretty good

Eg: Disobeying once, losing your temper once or thinking a bad thought once would be pretty good… right?


365 days in the year X 3 rounded off to 1000 per year

If you lived until you were 70 that would be 70,000 sins!

Do you see why it is impossible to save yourself?

Finger TRAP demonstration

We cannot get rid of sin on our own. The Bible describes it as bondage and slavery.

Only Jesus can free us of its trap.

By trusting in Jesus alone we can have that freedom.

Bondye se renmen,

Bondye se la jistis.

Balloon Bouquet

Children read the following Scriptures describing God’s character, these are written on balloons.

God is…

Perfect (Deut 32 v 4)

Holy (Hab 1 v 13)

Love (1 John 4 v 8b)

Just (Exodus 34 v 7b)

Light (1 John 1 v 5 )

Spirit (John 4 v 24)

The Incarnation

The Bible says that Jesus is God “incarnate”, which means “in the flesh: or “to put on flesh”

Jesus is not just any man.

Jesus is God AND man… He is all God and all Man



You see you cannot be on both sides.

We cannot trust JESUS alone and ...

trust in ME at the same time.


Five Means of Growth

Read the Bible

General Garcia Skit

God is loving but He is also just

The Bible says "God is love"

But the Bible also says "He will by no means clear the guilty"


The old lady represents us... sinners deserving punishment.

God had to punish that sin because He will by no means clear the guilty.

Garcia represents Jesus taking the punishment on our behalf.


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