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Altar of Sacrifice "The Altar of Sacrifice"

In the Old Testament, the Israelites offered various animals on the altar as their sacrifices to God.  The altar in the middle of the painting depicts such an altar.

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However, we live in a new era, where we do not have to sacrifice animals to God, as Jesus became our one-time sacrifice.  We are now under the Blood of Jesus!

The sacrifices we are called to offer to God are in three areas – our time, our talent, our money.  These three categories are depicted in the painting: Time – a large clock Money – Cash and coin currency Talent – prayer, time in spent in the Bible, worship, dance, music, preaching and teaching.  Obviously, there are other ministry gifts such as, cooking, administration, caring for others, and so on… which are not shown in this painting, but are equally valuable to God.



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