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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


I seek a Holy Spirit encounter.
I seek a deeper
and higher revelation
of You.

Holy Spirit,
I open the door.
I put out the welcome mat
that You may enter in…

Cleanse my heart that
You may wish to dine
with me.
Light the candles
at the table
with your Holy Fire.
The music begins to play
ever so softly…
“Sweet surrender…
sweet surrender…”

And this is what
You are saying to me –
“Sweet surrender”.
I must surrender
to the fire of the Holy Spirit
at work in me.
I must surrender
as He burns away
the dross.

At times,
I run away from God.
It hurts to go through
the refining, consuming fire.
And God is asking me
to surrender…
to re-submit myself to Him…
to lie still as He works
His Perfect Work.
Yet, I struggle.

God is re-aligning some things
and clearing away
other things in my life.
He is re-shaping my life –
through a recent job change,
and changes in friendships…
Sometimes, I hold onto
the things He wants to remove.
I don’t move as fast as God can!

Holy Spirit,
I surrender to Your Work
in me.

* * *



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