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Dear Lord,
I am a sinner…
I am humbled…
I grovel…
because of my sinful ways.

Earthly desires
overcome me.
I lose control.
I just WANT,
and WANT,
until I GET
what I WANT.
Some thought
possesses me…
and drives me…
this need…
coarse and basic…
the very essence
of MAN.

The way I am,
and You are NOT.

And when I satisfy
these earthly desires,
I succumb to
It covers me
like a great dark cloak.
I have to hide
In the Darkness
of Evil.
Your Glory and Light
cannot shine through,
because I have sinned.
Time and time again,
I sin…
over and over…
My only redemption
is to ask for
Your Forgiveness…
and continued Understanding.

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