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Look at me.
Who do you see?

Yes, I am short,
and I’m fat.
I don’t like to wear make up,
or care to be
I don’t look
like anyone special
- a Someone –
climbing the Ladder
of Worldly Success.

But, I’m ME!
And I’m going to spend
every day of
the rest of my life
being the Person
I really am.
I know that
inner person
is going to change,
and grow
over the years.
I’m going to mature…
become more life-experienced…
and I look
forward to it.

I see myself.
This blob that
I have allowed
myself to become.

Maybe I would
like to reverse the clock,
go back in time,
a good ten years,
and look like
the person
I was.

SHE looked
a lot better!
But “she”
is no longer ME!
And I wouldn’t
go back for one minute.
I have worked really hard,
and hurt enough,
to develop spiritually
and overcome
many irrational thoughts
and misdirected emotions.

It takes time
to cut away all
the excess debris
that we allow
to clutter
our Lives.
We seem to spend
our lives
accumulating clutter
until it chokes
and suffocates us!
So, when you look at me…
don’t just look
at HOW I look!
Talk to me!
Discover WHO I really am!
we ALL need to look
into a mirror –
and ask,
“Do I really
know that person
I see?
Is that a person
who reflects
the “true” me?

And if that Person
isn’t you –
you’ve got a lot
of work to do!

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