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What do I feel
like telling you?

Right now,
you have to spend
each day
just being who
you ARE.

Nothing else matters –
but YOU.
No earthly anything
can erase the pain
you feel.
The very source
of that pain
is also the very source
of pleasure.
And it’s love
Loving someone
includes hurt,
and sometimes,
your own false expectations
of how things
should be.

We live in
a REAL world,
not a Perfect World.
And Reality
is not always
what we perceive
it to be –
but a potpourri
of a lot of people’s
perceptions of Reality.

So it is changeable –
and we have to learn
to be flexible,
and bend,
and grow
with the changes.
It almost becomes
the invisible boundary
between your sanity
and insanity.

Accepting the real Reality
seems to be
one of the
hardest lessons
we have to learn
in Life.

Instinctively, we all know
that we cannot survive
without love…
that wonderful,
driving force
that moulds our lives.
Love that encourages,
praises, supports,
and brings fulfillment
to our lives everyday.
And I wish
that for you…
that through this pain
and suffering
you feel right now,
there will be
new spiritual growth
which will take
your life forward…
and lead you
into a future,
shining brightly,
full of love
and happiness.

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