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Human Sexuality –
another one of life’s
amazing discoveries!

It looks SO easy.
He touches her, she touches him.
A kiss, a hug, a caress…
two bodies in motion
looking to discover
the Great Sex Mystery!

We see so many sexual images
The G-string…
the plunging neckline…
the mannequin in lace lingerie…
soap operas where actors
declare undying love
and perform elaborate kisses…
sensual nude postcards…
erotic men and women
fulfilling fantasies
in pearls and cowboy boots…
Numerous books on “how to” and “when to”…
and you know, it’s not very exciting
unless you’re swinging from a chandelier!
We surround ourselves with myths…
weaving them tightly
into the fabric of our Society!
Creating a huge volcanic pressure
to discover…
the wonderful joys of sex.

And we DO discover –
that somehow it wasn’t
as you thought it would be!
The search continues…
other partners, younger partners,
older partners… ALL different!
Do we ever reach the point
where sex is the epitome of Pleasure,
or is sex… just sex?

let’s go back to –
“He touches her, she touches him.”
HE does touch HER –
a warm, caring Person…
and SHE does touch HIM –
a sensitive, giving Person…
Two people in two physical bodies
who can touch the very essence
of each other.
Aware, constantly,
of each other…
and giving of themselves
to the other.

We seem to make everything
so complicated,
building up Unrealities,
and making things
everything they’re NOT.

Why do we take
such a wonderful, physical expression
of human love
and rob it of it’s beauty?

Why do we have this
self-destructive wish
to totally annihilate everything
You have given us?

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