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Holy Spirit,
how glad I am
that You came
into my life –
for the Sight
You have given me…
For the ability
to Listen…
and being able to feel
with an open heart.

I can clearly SEE
two very different worlds.
The Earthly World and
the Heavenly World.
And how very opposite
the goals of these Worlds are!

The tangible, physical World
goes on everyday,
and we are so aware
of our daily, physical lives.
Everyone exists in a
Physical World.

an intangible, Spiritual World
also goes on everyday.
The Two exist
on two different levels,
and yet,
we live them
as if they were only one.

Two very definite Forces
of Good and Evil exist.
A constant battle…
tugging and pulling…
Evil tainting the Beauty of Good…
and Good struggling to overcome
the depths of Evil.

But You, Holy Spirit,
shed Light
on this perpetual Darkness.
You touch our eyes…
open them…
and make us aware
of the daily struggle
between Good and Evil.
You give us
the ability to discern
these subliminal undercurrents,
so that we can
make SURE
that Good does
overcome Evil!

Holy Spirit,
Giver of Life,
Your Goodness
shall shine through…
to bring the Evil
in this World
to its knees
before You!


Lord, help me…
Relieve me of this anxiety
I carry.
This burden that makes
my head ache…
my inner conflicts
and turmoil,
the source of my own
mental torture.

Because I have not completely
given myself over to You.
I still have doubts
and insecurities.
I still want to manage everything,
to be in control.
I need to be set free
From this Earthly bondage –
the ways and methods,
so well learnt,
that wrap my very Being
into knots.

I need Freedom!
I need to get away
from all these Earthly traps.
The nice home nest
which provides Security,
although under Parental Control.
I need to get organized,
pluck up the courage,
and step out on my own.
Find my own Way.

I have learnt that I, alone,
am responsible for me.
That I, alone,
have to live my life
according to Your Plans
and not anyone else’s.
It all comes down to me.
I am finally separating
from my parents.
I see that
there is a new path
for me to follow.
A different course from theirs.
I don’t need
the burdens my parents
can create for themselves.
It is like a great weight
stifling me.
I feel like I am going
to suffocate.
I need to scream,
to pierce the night air
with sound.

I need to follow Your Guidance.
Just to keep listening,
and to keep on walking.
I am afraid of poverty,
of not making it on my own,
of financial hardship,
of not having
a comfortable safety net
under me,
if I should fall.

Yes, You are There.
But will I feel that way
when I only have two cents
to my name?
When I can’t pay the light bill?
Or the doctor’s bill?

The World seems
to revolve around money.
We buy expensive things,
only to pay more
to maintain and protect them.
Where does it end, Lord?
And when I settle for less,
live on a Minimal Lifestyle,
the World will think I am insane!
I am disgraced
if I climb down
the Ladder of Success.
to climb down this ladder
seems to be a
lesson in humility.
It takes a lot “to let go”,
to become humble and
live humbly…
to gladly serve the person
who might have been
your own servant.
becomes forwards –
in Your Eyes.
Lord, the lessons
that we have to learn
are not easy.
They take guts,
courage, strength,
and endurance.

And Lord,
I want You to help me
“to let go”,
and take that first step
that is forwards.

I ask this
in the Name of

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