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thank You
for Your Message today.

You have given us
clear direction,
Your Divine Guidance.

Our battles
are not earthly battles.
We cannot fight them
with man-made weapons
like tanks, guns and missiles,
or worldly weapons
like anger, hate or fear.
We need Spiritual Weapons –
the Greatest of which is Love.
Your Love.
Love that promotes
gentleness, kindness,
patience, tolerance,
and endurance.
Love that constantly gives,
accepts and encourages.
Your Love –
given to us
through Jesus Christ,
Your Son.

We shall be triumphant!
And Your victorious Gift
to us is
Your Perfect Peace!


O God…
my heart sings for You

I know You are here.
I can feel Your Presence
as if You were
a real human being
standing beside me.
And You are REAL…
It is Your Spirit
that touches me.

And You have taught me
another valuable lesson.

I was depressed yesterday.
I felt empty.
I did not feel Your Presence.

Even though
I know You are always with me,
I did not feel Your Presence.

The absence
of Your Presence
showed me
that Your Spirit
does not live in depression.

The spirit of Depression
is an evil spirit.
It drains your body and your mind.
It sucks your life force –
taking away any motivation
to live everyday.
It robs you of joy, peace,
and ultimately,
life itself.

what a wonderful insight
You have given me!
Through any negative experience
I have,
You show me the positive perspective.
Thank You –
for showing me the way forward,
the way through
this labyrinth of human emotions!

Thank You, God!

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