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The Battle of this Universe
is Greater than we are.
It is the Great War of Principalities.
God versus the Devil.

God reigns in Heaven,
and uses Love to fight His enemies.
It is the Love of kindness, gentleness,
unselfishness, patience, tolerance.
It is totally GIVING.
Everything God does,
promotes LIFE.

The Devil reigns on Earth,
and he uses elements of hate
to combat any source of Good –
like jealousy, rage, violence,
selfishness, greed.
He turns every man against each other,
so that we will destroy ourselves,
and any vestige of Good in us.
Anything the Devil does,
and brings DEATH.

When man ate the forbidden fruit
from the Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil,
we ALL became sinners.
We all entered the World of Sin.
We all acquired a “sin” nature.

The Great War of Principalities
Began to be played out on Earth.
It became a Battle of Wills.
God’s Will versus Our Wills.

Our natural will,
through our birth in Sin,
is the Devil’s Will.
We naturally want everything
for ourselves.
We spend our lives
building small kingdoms
for ourselves on Earth –
our family, our home,
our finances.
We seek to build ourselves “up”
in Earthly securities.
We always look out for our own interests.
Our lives are SELF-centred.

The only Way
that we can succeed
in overcoming the Devil
and replace it
with GOD’S WILL.

God sent His Son, Jesus,
to show us His Will.
Jesus was the PERFECT example
of how God wants us to live
on this Earth.
Once we receive Jesus Christ
into our hearts,
focus our lives on God,
and live by His Commandments –
we become His Children,
extensions of Him.
We are now CHRIST-centred.
And God’s Divine Love and Guidance
will deliver us from
all Earthly forms of Bondage.

Once we have accepted
Jesus Christ and
God the Father,
God sends His Holy Spirit
as Our Guardian.
The Holy Spirit is ONE spirit,
born of God.
The Holy Spirit can easily conquer
all Evil Spirits.
The Devil uses many spirits
to destroy us,
but we only need ONE
to destroy Him –
that’s God’s Spirit!
And each one of us
has access to the Holy Spirit.
We only have to ask God
and He will willingly give us
His Divine Spirit,
so that we can use Him
for all our days
here on Earth.

In the natural flow of Life
on Earth,
we will all physically die.

But God
gives all Believers
the Gift of Eternal Life,
so that when it’s all over,
the Devil cannot defeat us.
We will physically die,
but we will all rise again!

What a Glorious God we have.
We committed Sin,
and yet, He found a Way
to reach out and save us,
to give us another chance.
And once we take His Hand,
He will guide us through
our Earthly lives
to the end
where we will live again
in His Kingdom.

It’s not going to be easy.
We live in the Devil’s World.
He will plague us every day.
He will use our weak points against us.
He will attack when
we are the most vulnerable
He knows Our Weaknesses
better than we do!
But God knows them too!

God is the Key
to our Earthly Survival.
The Key to Life!

we have a whole world
full of every kind of every thing
and the only thing of importance…
is God.

One word.
That’s what our whole lives are about,
our reason for living –
to find God.


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