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I want to be with You
all the Time.
I ache for You…
for Your Spiritual Touch.
I want Your Comfort,
Your Assurance.
I would rather be
in Your World
than my World.

As my Spiritual World opens,
my needs in the Physical World
become less.
I’d rather shut my eyes
and be with You
than live everyday.
I find conversations dull –
I’m not interested in politics,
world affairs, sports…
I’d rather be with You,
or in the company
of fellow Believers.
Their Hearts are brimming
with Your Spirit.
There is comfort
in their presence.

But sometimes
I am in a World
of Non-Believers,
and it feels so empty,
so dead.
My Heart screams.
An instant panic!
And I want to get out of there!
Go far away.

I feel like I have left
so many people
and things behind.
Yes, I still have to
function with these friends,
and family and work-mates,
so that they may come
to know You
through me.
But sometimes it feels like work.
I have to muster up patience
and interest
in whatever interests them,
when I’d rather be with You.

I feel like I am in
A Worldly Limbo.
A “nowhere” place
belonging to no one.
I feel like I have risen
and I am existing
on another plane of Being…
lost somewhere between Earth
and Your Heaven…
and yet, found,
because I believe in You.
how I’d much rather be
with You!


Your Perfectness
makes this World
pale by comparison!
There is no Joy like Yours!
No Peace.
No Love.
You give every wonderful emotion
such depth.
It is the Eternal and
Everlasting aspect of
Your Nature.

Nothing matters – except You.
Nothing lives –
except through You.

You make living
In Your Spirit
seem timeless.

One second with You…
or one hour…
it seems like an Eternity…
and then
we come back down
to the Other World.

Is that what
Heaven is really like?
A wonderful, glorious place
where we are filled continually
with Your total Love,
Your total Peace,
and Your total Joy?

The idea
of a World
like that…
is so Perfect
that I can hardly wait!

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