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God created Man
in His own Likeness.

I’ve always thought of God
as Perfect –
yet He had no Real identity.
I always thought
that He was always Good,
that it,
only positive feelings like Love
were from Him,
and negative feelings like anger
were from the Devil.

But every emotion we feel
is from God.
God feels both positive
and negative emotions.
The difference between us,
between God and man,
is that God uses every emotion
in a positive way.
He may be angry,
but He never takes
it out on us
just because He is angry.
We may feel
the results of His Anger
because it is a positive action,
a sort of parental discipline
that we need.

The Devil, too,
is capable of feeling
these same emotions.
In this way,
He knows how to use
our emotional capacity
against us.
He knows just how
to tempt us…
how to manipulate events so
that through our personal weaknesses,
we create a distorted perspective,
and make incorrect assessments
and decisions.
That is why our lives
are a constant source
of Conflict,
why there is such a
definite Right or Wrong aspect
to our Nature.

It is such a basic concept,
Good versus Evil.
We learn it from childhood.
It is so simple
that we take it for granted,
and overlook its usefulness.
It may be the first real paradox
of the World –
Good versus Evil.

God feels all that we feel.
He loves this World
that He created.
He loves everything in it.
He gives us the capacity
to love everyone
and everything in it
just as He does.

When we accept Him,
as our personal Saviour,
and Our Will
has been submitted
to His Will,
He shows us
how everything looks
through His Eyes.
We can hear
through His Ears.
We become sensitive
to Him,
and so,
we become living extensions
of Him.

We have become elevated
to a spiritual plane
while still on Earth.
We can feel everything
in its purest form –
peace, joy and love.
We can only feel
that intensity
and “Perfectness”
of each emotion,
through Him,
because it is now
We feel
with His Heart.

Our God
is an amazing God.

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