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O God…
I just can’t believe
how quickly
and miraculously
You work.

as I lay there,
to You…
for Your Strength,
Your Wisdom,
and Your Guidance
to steer me through
an unsettling situation.

And presto!
You touch the Heart
of the Person
who is causing me
some distress…
and she comes
to me…
and in a few short words
all becomes right.
The balance has returned.
The situation has stabilized.

And You have given me
a clear signal.
Not only
did You hear me,
You reacted
and showed me
that You wanted me
to stay
on the path
I am currently taking.

Thank You, God.
It’s unbelievable –
but very believably…
How quickly
some prayers
are answered!


Thank You, God
for the fellowship
You have given us.

Is one of Your
Greatest Gifts.

It doesn’t matter
what the gift is Lord,
we KNOW the act of giving
is greater than the gift itself!

And every gift
we receive
we shall treasure,
because it is precious.
It is a Gift from the Heart.

Thank You, God,
for the many Gifts
in our lives.


God, I hear You.
I know
I have to trust You…
that You will lead me
one step
at a time.
And I have to
hold Your Hand
and go forward blindly
with no knowledge
of the future ahead
other than,
it is with You.

I know
You will take me
to the point
where I have nothing…
where I have
to forsake everything
and live
on only
what I need.
Through You,
I will give
more than
I have to give.
I will just become
one of Your People, Lord.
There will be nothing
more important about me
other than
my Faith in You.

Then You will take me
and mould me
into a new person
with qualities reflective of You.

You will take me
from absolutely nothing
in Worldly eyes…
and I will climb
this white staircase
one step at a time…
with only You
before me.

I know
I have been afraid.
It seems like only a little step
but it is a BIG step
in Faith.

And I know
I cannot continue
In this little cycle
I live in,
because I will be stifled…
I will suffocate…
I will not grow in You, Lord.
My growth and
my maturity
now depends on my Faith
in You.

I have to take
this little step
and see
that I can do it
with You…
And once
I do that,
every other step
shall become
a little easier.

Yes, God,
I hear You.

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