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We are all vessels.
We look
very different
from one another,
but we are all
part of the Body
of Christ.

is the only constant
in our being.
Our vessels
are filled
with His Holy Spirit…
filled to the brim
and pouring over…
That is how
we can all
become like Christ.

We accept Christ
into our Hearts,
into the core of our being.
Our Hearts become
His Heart.
He pumps
His Sacrificial Blood,
His Life-giving Water,
through us,
washing away
our sins
and selfish,
human ways.

The change
is from within,
to the human eye.
We still look
the same.
Our vessels have not
changed drastically.
Our spirit
has changed.
The Holy Spirit
now lives in us.

The changes are seen
in our actions and
in our words.
We become less like us
and more like Him.
Our countenance changes
as we experience
God’s Peace,
Love, and Joy.

He replaces worry
and fear
with New Life.
A calm assurance.
Security –
brought through
our Faith in Him.

We can feel secure
because once
we KNOW God,
we know
He is the same God
that exists on Earth
and in Heaven.

Our God is
the only constant
that exists
throughout all time…
during our mortal lives
and our eternal lives.

And that
is why
we can build
our lives
around Him.

Our God,
who is,
who was,
and who always
will BE.


You have told us
that our weakness
is Your Strength.

At the point
where we realise
we no longer
have any control
and put everything
in Your capable
Loving Hands,
is the point
where Your Strength
takes over
to give us
Your Divine Strength.

You will carry
us forward,
guided by
Your Holy Spirit.
You keep us safe…
far away
from Evil’s harm.
You will protect us.
You will protect our
frail, human spirits
with the Strength
of Your Love,
and the Blood
shed by Jesus Christ.

We can always
trust You,
because Your Spirit
is here
for us.

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