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my Heart is with You,
and in You.
I live
because You live,
and because
You have chosen
to live in me.

my Heart
bears great Joy!
I am glad
that You
have found me
worthy to be
Your Daughter.

I am glad
that You have given me
a new family
which functions
in the Unity
of Love.

You are showing me
how a True Family works.
You are showing me
that if everyone’s Heart
is aligned
with the Heart of Jesus,
how we would all
pull together.

You have replaced
my birth family
with Your Family,
born through Christ Jesus.
And You
have shown me
the only way
my birth family
will ever be
united by True Love
for one another,
is if we are all
aligned to the
Heart of Christ Jesus.

If my whole family
came forward
to accept You…
we would finally
have a True Family.
My spirit
has longed for this
since I was a child.
I always knew
something was wrong.
I could always
feel the void,
the emptiness
in our lives.

We seemed
to co-exist.
Each of us
None knowing
how to touch
the other.

But it is
Your Touch, Lord,
that we need.
Through You,
and with You.

You will keep us
every day
of our lives.

For You
bring the Love
that binds us all together
as a Family.

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