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He IS,
just because…
He is
He shall exist
throughout all Time
and into Eternity.

He is
the Creator.
He made everything
we see on Earth
with His own Hands.
He gave Life
with His very own Breath.

And He is
the One we shall see
upon our Death,
or at the end of Time…
He is the only Judge
of ALL Mankind.
We are accountable
to Him.
We will wear
our right and wrong deeds
on our Hearts
as we stand before Him.
And we will receive
our due –
Eternal Life in Heaven
with God,
or Eternal Death in Hell.

Could this
really BE
what our lives
are really about?

One choice –
Life or Death?
Our Eternal Master,
giving us a choice,
by our Free Will,
of Life with Him
or an Eternity
in Hell?

Could the answers
in Life
really be so simple?

We will never
fully understand Him.
We cannot see Him
with the human eye –
to dissect Him,
and examine every detail
to see
how He works,
as we, humans,
would like to do.

We have
to accept Him.
And trust in Him.
And through Faith,
He will reveal
every piece of Himself
to us.
We may spend
our entire lives
on Earth
with God,
and yet,
never know ALL
of Him.

He is greater than
our human capacity
of understanding.
So, we need not know
we have to know
and trust
that there is
a God.

Our God.
Waiting for us
to ask Him
into our Hearts…
Waiting for us
to ask for
His Gift of
Eternal Life…
to give us
His Love…
and through His Love
to learn to love
each other.

Our God
is a Supreme Being,
the Creator of Life,
Master of the Universe,
Lord of All.


Once we are born
on this Earth,
we are all prisoners.

Prisoners of the Heart.

We have been born
into Evil and Deception…
into Darkness,
the depth of which
Man has not even
begun to comprehend.

Such a Darkness
lies in our Hearts.
Such pain.
Such sorrow.

We have no release!
We are trapped
within ourselves!
Until someone comes
to tell us
HOW we can
unlock our Hearts…
HOW we can let
the Light in…
God’s Light.
The Light of Love.

is that key.
a carpenter,
a humble man,
with the Heart of God.
Through Jesus,
we can ask
to receive God’s Love,
God’s Freedom.

We can relieve
of our earthly worries,
and pressures.
It is not
that these things
will just vanish,
but they will be
given a true perspective,
they will be seen
in their proper light.

We will be able
to handle them,
take them in our stride

They will become
a part of life
and not
the great burden of life.
A by-product,
not the end product.
Our lives
are worth more
than our worries.

True Life,
comes from God.

True Freedom
comes from God.
When we can release
ourselves from our
Earthly bondage
while on Earth,
then we can be
truly Free!

We will get a taste
of what Life with God
is really like.
And once,
we have sipped
of His Cup,
we will never
want to put it
back down.

The Life-giving Water
from God’s Cup
is like no other.
His water
is pure,
and healthy,
and wholesome.

We can drink
as much as we want,
whenever we want.
We shall never
thirst again!

And today,
we have a chance
to ask God
to bless us
with His Gift of Life.
Just open up
and ask Him…
“Holy Father,
I ask You
to forgive me
of ALL of my Sins…
I ask You
to give me
Your Eternal Life
in exchange
for my own…
I ask You
to fill my Heart
with Your Holy Spirit
and Your Love.

take me…
the mortal wretch
that I am…
and make me new…
a brand new man
with a brand new life
ahead of me…
in the Name
of Your Son,

If we thought that
this place
is the most miserable place
we have ever been,
we are WRONG!
There is NO escape
from the Eternal Prison
of Hell!
No escape!
No one will ever
be redeemed from Hell.
It is permanent.
A deadly place.
But, God is offering us
Total and complete Freedom.
And a Life in Eternity
with Him.

Just ask Him
into our Hearts,
in the Name
of His Son Jesus…

Just ask Him...

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