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Growing up…
is realising
that the World
is not only
about your Self.

A transition –
from being
a self-centred child,
and growing into a
caring, giving adult.

It is becoming aware
that you are only
a drop of water
in the ocean,
or a blade of grass
on a hill.
And yet,
every drop of water,
and every blade of grass
makes a difference
in our World.

How can we be so insignificant…
and yet, significant?

Our words and our actions
make daily contributions
to our lives on Earth.
We have to learn to GIVE freely
because we want to give.
And selfless giving
will grow,
and soon
the whole world
will be giving
to each other.
And before
we know it,
our World will have changed
into a wonderful, loving place
to BE.

So now…
we all just
have to work
at growing up.


Children –
noise, clatter,
perpetual movement,
screaming, crying,

Little people
recognising only
Trying to control
and manipulate
the World
around them –
so they can get
what only they WANT.

our new generation,
how patiently
we have to teach them
to grow
into responsible adults.
We have to cultivate
their sensitivity,
and their compassion.
We have to teach them
to function
on an everyday basis
in a general society.
We have to give them
the freedom
to grow in the direction
that only they can go…
to develop
their full potential…
to become
the people
they are meant
to BE.

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