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Feed a pastor programme

An acre of land has been purchased for an Assemble of God pastor in Malawi as a pilot project to demonstrate the 'Feed a Pastor Programme' in action.

United Caribbean Trust is looking for sponsors to support this effort. Land can be purchased as cheaply as US $100 per acre in rural Malawi.

It is our vision to see Pastors with their own land to help them feed their family and congregation.

Support a Malawi Pastor

Sifo Chatewa was born in 1975 he became a born again believer in 1996 and attended Salima Chipoks's School of Missions in 1998 -2000. He attended the Pentecostal Bible College at Lilongwe and obtained a diploma in theology.

God has used Pastor Chatewa mightily to preach the Message to the Moslems.

He is in need of financial support to enable him to continue God's work in this corner of the world so in need of Salvation.


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