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Maureen Bravo

Internationally, Maureen functions as an "Ambassador for Christ"… and for the United States! She is a 21st century “missionary”, a “life coach” and an “equipper” for the Body of Christ. In 1992, she led a group of intercessors on a prayer journey to Israel, after which she entered a 40 day water fast which prepared her for the ministry she is engaged in today. In 1994, she was the closing speaker for the CBN “Signs and Wonders Conference” in Virginia Beach. Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados She served as a US representative for the pro-life movement at the 1996 United Nations Conference in Rome, Italy, lobbying the international delegates to vote against abortion, forced sterilization and euthanasia. During her trips to South America (1997-1999), her focus was primarily on intercession and Catholic-Protestant reconciliation.
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados She has served on the intercession teams for the 2002 International Prayer Consultation in South Africa, the 2004 Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization (LCWE), and the 2004 International Prayer Consultation in Thailand.
In April 2006, she traveled to Patna, in Bihar, India, termed the "Graveyard of Missionaries" and identified by Luis Bush as "the core of the core of the core of the 10 / 40 Window” “the darkest place on earth"! Yet for God and her, it was "a pearl of great price"!

Working with Pastor Biju Thomas, she nurtured emerging local ministries and helped to provide support for church planters working all across Bihar. Together they rejoiced as the new wells and the cottage industries provided by those who helped sponsor her trip there sprang forth!

(Seen here in Barbados with Courtney Selman from Prayer Warriors Internatinal)

Maureen Bravo with Courtney Selman from Prayer Warriors Internatinal
Maureen Bravo Barbados with Harry Mayers at the first Christian Action Team (CAT) meeting

As the peoples' thirst was quenched, and they were trained in sewing skills to help them earn a living and survive, they were open to receiving the love and good news of Jesus! Her efforts will be remembered in Bihar every time the water flows forth from those wells.

(Seen here in Barbados with Harry Mayers at the first Christian Action Team (CAT) meeting)

Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados
Cross over Barbados
Maureen Bravo founder of RUII Resources Unlimited International Inc visits Barbados

With a heart for the nations, Maureen is always thinking about the "next" trip, working closely with those in the international community, both here and abroad. She traveled to Bolivia in November - December 2006, with a mandate to unify believers, encourage, equip and network intercessors, and call forth intimate, worship of God over the nation.. Following her first trip to the Caribbean, to Barbados, in January 2007, she will return to Bolivia to continue the work of establishing the IPN of Bolivia. (There are invitations to Chile and Bolivia - Summer of 2007- and India - October 2007).

On the state and national levels, Maureen and her team from the IPNCF have been speaking to, training and nurturing emerging Intercessory Prayer Networks in Tampa and Tallahassee, uniting them with other intercessors across the state through the IPNFL. Maureen served on the National Committee of Pray USA!, and has interceded for Mission America conferences, the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs, and Campus Crusade for Christ’s Prayer and Fasting Gatherings. She networks with prayer leaders across the nation, praying with and for them. She has served on US prayer teams with Eddie Smith (US Prayer Center), for whom she led three GMS teams, and internationally for both Lausanne and the IPC with Barbara Byerly (former President of AGLOW).

Locally, Maureen is involved in numerous ministry activities. She serves on the Board of Vision Orlando, on the Central Florida Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast Committee, the Seminole County Prayer Breakfast Committee, and the Diocesan Commission for the Charismatic Renewal. She is also the City Prayer Coordinator for Vision Orlando, networking intercessors and coordinating city-wide prayer events through the Intercessory Prayer Network of Central Florida. .She has coordinated events such as the Global Day of Prayer, the National Day of Prayer, March for Jesus and Concerts of Prayer. She also facilitated meetings for Jackson Senyonga of Uganda (seen on the Transformations II video) when he visited Central Florida.

Maureen facilitates an interdenominational prayer group, The Servants of the Most High, which has met weekly in Altamonte Springs since 1992. She has facilitated community intercession for the Central Florida Dream Center, and meets with the attorneys and staff of the Liberty Counsel for “SUPER TUESDAY” gatherings monthly for the past 7+years. She also ministers in both the Orange and Seminole County jails with the Pray Central Florida team, pointing men, women and youth to the Light and Truth of God!

Maureen’s husband, Carmine Bravo, is a Seminole County Judge. Together, they raised six children - five boys and one girl (now ages 26-36). History repeats itself… with the original litter maturing, a new generation has appeared on the scene. They currently have six grandchildren - four boys and two girl (ages 16, 12, 5 year old twins, a 3 year old, and their newest grandson born June 16th ). Their family “quiver” is filled once again!

Today, at age 59, Maureen’s relationship with God is more real to her than it has ever been. Calling herself “a mouse in His pocket”, she continually marvels as He works through, with and in her... touching His people for His purposes. Her deep involvement in intercession, discipleship and reconciliation sharpens her focus on that which will bring revelation and salvation to God’s people, and hence, the transformation of the city, state, and nations.

Maureen’s “Kingdom perspective” calls her to the whole Body in Christ, and locally to the “CHURCH OF ORLANDO”, composed of the many Christian congregations in the city, who meet in numerous places, with different expressions, under various banners, all united under the same High Priest, Jesus Christ. She attends The Gathering Place Worship Center in Lake Mary, where she has been “on assignment” for the past several years, and the Church of the Annunciation in Altamonte Springs with her husband. She is praying for two local church plants…Crown Pointe in Winter Springs and the BRIDGE in Orlando, and on many Friday nights, can be found with her Messianic brothers and sisters at Shabbat services.

Maureen thrives on interaction with those from different cultures, and walks through life with those who want to grow together in their love for Jesus, soak in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and allow the Father to have His way as they worship before His throne. No one knows who will be in her meetings at any given time…Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus...visitors from South America, Egypt, Haiti, Africa…a cross section of His creation… yet each one finds a special welcome in her loving arms…and an introduction to the ONE Whom she loves!

Whether dealing with one life at a time, or working with larger numbers in various prayer initiatives, Maureen continues to rejoice in being able to know, love and serve her God, and bring others into His Presence! She says, “It’s the KING and HIS KINGDOM! Its all about HIM! And He is more real to me than ever! I can’t thank Him enough for His ongoing work in me, for allowing me to love and minister to Him, and for showing me how to engage in this amazing ‘warfare of love’ for His people.”

Maureen Bravo Resources Unlimited International, Inc.

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