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So What's All This Going to Cost Me?

The eightfold offer you just read has a hefty price tag. No surprise there. The only free lunch is in a mousetrap.

But we hope and expect you'll be eager to pay it. Considering the huge benefits, you'll probably agree that the cost is fair.

So as not to scare you off, we've boiled all this down to six simple requirements.

Then we've added on four more that aren't really requirements. They're just steps that we think will make life better for you in the long run.

You can call this . . .

Six Gottas, Four Oughttas

1. You've got to be ready to take a giant step up, to a higher level of life. (The next great move of God in this country can't be built on looky-loos and complacent spectators! You must be forthright, saying that you're at Point A and you want to get to Point B, and that's why you're here.)

2. You've got to be ready to take responsibility for the success of your team. (That means not expecting others to
do all the work. If there's a dull meeting, whose fault is it? Yours, sweetpea!)

3. You've got to learn to love one another. (In secular terms, that involves dropping your cranky, out-and-out individualism and becoming a team player.)

4. You've got to be willing to bear the burdens of the others in your group and pray for them consistently. (The good part is, they'll do the same for you.)

5. You've got to be clear on your mission as a believer. (If you're in a spiritual fog bank, be eager to read some
books or seek additional training to develop your gifts and carry out that mission.)

6. In return for the blessing, empowerment, and help you receive, you've got to pay attention to, and respect the
authority of the servant-leaders God provides for you. (That includes elders plus apostles, prophets, evangelists,
pastors, and teachers. We hope He gives you some great ones! But this does not imply a hierarchical or chain-of-command relationship. We aren't building a denomination here.)

If you aren't motivated to make at least a decent effort on these six items, you'd probably be happier in a traditional "audience" church, where the effort required is considerably less.

If you're still with us, here are the four oughttas. Remember, these are suggestions for your benefit, not requirements in any house church we know of:

1. You should make a firm decision to turn away from control-based, low-commitment systems with their split between clergy and laity, and make a decisive turn toward high-commitment, open Christianity. (Of course, this is a commitment to Christ, not to a human organization. But keeping one foot planted firmly in two radically different camps is a sure formula for frustration.)

2. You should be prepared to pay the price of being a pioneer. (Believe it or not, you may face suspicion or even ostracism by your Christian friends, spiritual opposition by various forces for evil, and possibly even outright persecution. It has happened.)

3. You should adopt a lifestyle of periodic repentance and constant obedience. (That doesn't mean you walk around moaning and depressed for the rest of your life! But remember, the most common blunder we Christians make is thinking that we've conquered all our worst sins and arrived at a sufficiently high spiritual level.)

4. You should try to make daily steps of faith and not stagnate in your walk with God.


Is there a voice inside you somewhere saying yes to all this? Does it maybe sound too good to pass up?

We hope so. Today could be a major turning point in your life. But if you just go away from here, you may never come back. That's how life is.


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