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Maureen Bravo ~ August 22, 2002

How often of late have my thoughts, writings and prayers been flowing with unrestrained affection for the nations. There is a more intense stirring within me than I have ever felt before, as I apprehend the passion that the Father has for His lost and dying children, everywhere in the world. As He has done in the past, I believe He is preparing me to travel to those places He is stirring me about! JOY!

Whenever thoughts of Africa flood my heart, Dr. Michael Cassidy of South Africa quickly comes to mind! So many times I have thought of our “divine appointment” and the time we shared at the God's Mission Conference in Orlando last year. It blessed my life to have that “chance meeting” with him; since that day, the Lord has continued to draw my attention to his beloved continent!

God is building His case! I had met Kingsley Fletcher in Colorado Springs three years ago; I have spent several wonderful times in prayer with a dear brother, Alfred Williams of Nigeria (in London now); early this year, I met Jackson Senyonga of Uganda when he came to work with the church in Central Florida; recently, I spoke with and prayed with Bishop Kingsley Enakirerhi of Nigeria when he was at The Gathering Place as our guest speaker. With each encounter this “fire” grew stronger. When I saw a movie on cable a few months ago about the history of the black - white struggle in SA, I was so deeply touched that I kept looking to see if it might come on again! It so increased my awareness of the pain of the division that has been experienced, and released a fresh compassion for the people there!

God is enlarging my heart as never before, continuously expanding my world view, and giving me a “vision” which allows me to “see beyond seeing” …He has even let me see that which was in His view from the cross. It goes way beyond the “unity” that is so often spoken of; it is certainly not “unity for unity’s sake”, but rather about being able to unite to work together to harvest the nations! Although I have long had an unquenchable thirst for Him, at this point in my life, He is blessing me with an insatiable appetite, a hunger to see all the nations of the world set free, so that the people might know, love and worship Him!

I remembered a conference in South Africa that I had been invited to, but due to my father’s and mother’s health issues, I was unable to attend; the invitation was treasured and my friends remained in my heart and prayers! I had heard that “call” in my heart the day I met Michael Cassidy…and knew it would be spoken out loud in the future, that one day I would say, “YES! I can come!”

Today, I received an invitation from a precious friend and prayer leader to go to South Africa for an International Intercessors Conference in November of this year. There is a team of ten Intercessors being invited from America to join with the Intercessors from South Africa. I immediately wrote back that I would love to go.

The nations are calling…and God willing, I will be there!

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