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Stonecroft Ministries provides a variety of programs and resources designed to connect women to God, each other, and their communities.

We encourage women to find creative ways to make connections with others in their communities. These may be through shared interest groups or as a result of our outreach groups and Bible studies.

Stonecroft offers a variety of brunch, luncheon, and dinner events for women and couples. Each event includes an entertaining feature and an inspirational speaker who gives personal insight on coming to know God.

Other popular outreach activities for women and couples are Stonecroft Bible Studies. These easy-to-follow, small-group studies breathe fresh spiritual life into long-time believers or those totally new to the Bible.


Stonecroft Ministries emphasizes evangelism. Though many ministries for women currently exist, only a handful focus on evangelism. That’s been the passion and heartbeat of Stonecroft Ministries for over 70 years.

Stonecroft Ministries understands and appreciates the influence of one woman’s life. When you reach a woman for Christ, you touch everyone in her community—her husband, children, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Stonecroft provides the encouragement and equipping to help women be effective in reaching those communities.

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