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Stonecroft Ministries sets the policies for its Bible studies. It is essential that everyone serving with Stonecroft Bible Studies abide by the following policies:

• The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is included in every Stonecroft Bible Study, is to be presented in a clear, concise manner.

• Stonecroft Ministries does not hold official positions on doctrinal, social, or political issues outside its Statement of Faith.
Those involved in leadership in Stonecroft Ministries will:

• Agree to the Stonecroft Ministries Statement of Faith and Policies

• Work in harmony with local churches

• Ensure that any statements made during discussions related to social and political issues are not in any way reflected as an official position of Stonecroft Ministries.

In the Stonecroft Bible Studies program, it is suggested that the participants use the Stonecroft-approved Study Book and Guidebook. In the Introductory Trinity Studies, it is suggested that all participants use the same edition of the Swahili Union New Testament Bible or Bible Handbook for the Tanzania ministry.

Potential Guides and Coordinators are requested to complete the Stonecroft Bible Studies Application. Guides and Coordinators are selected and trained by local Bible Study leadership. A training video has been created in an attempt by the Barbados Stonecroft Bible Study ladies to train the Guides that will take Stonecroft Bible Studies into Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda and other African countries. These four 15 minute videos will also be recorded in Swahili and other African languages to assist with the education of future African Guides which along with this Handbook should equip them for the ministry.

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