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Haiti Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program

Many of the children in our child sponsorship program are now maturing into young adults and their needs now differ.

Therefore United Caribbean Trust is looking to establish a Vocational Training School in Les Cayes teaching them in Sewing, Cooking, Computer Skills, Printing, English lessons, Music and Art as well as Animal Husbandry.

We want to introduce the Stonecroft Bible Studies to these youth. Sponsorship is needed to translate the material into French and run this empowerment program..

Raymond Fabienne

Messena Ruth

Fabienne Fortius

  Haiti Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Haiti After School Feeding Club Haiti Moringa project

10 sewing machines have being installed where some of the youth from the Vocational Training Sponsorship will be trained.

Seen here Jenny in Africa with the UCT Women's Empowerment Program.

Seen here Jenny in Africa with the UCT Women's Empowerment Programme.


Work continues on the Mission House in Les Cayes and shortly the inside will be tiled and painted in preparation for the establishment of the Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Programme.

To God be the glory, shortly the solar electricity will be installed and running water will be pumped up from the well. (Seen here)

If anyone would like to visit Haiti we can help facilitate a Mission Trip. We have the use of this excellent Mission House facilities in Bon Repos as well as the Mission House in Les Cayes.

Let us know your requirements and we can help you with your trip.

Mission House Haiti

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