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Stonecroft's leaders share the responsibility of planning and daily management at the Home Office and in the field.

Lorraine Potter Kalal: President and CEO

Lorraine Potter Kalal’s rich ministry and professional experience, along with her love for Stonecroft’s history and vision for its future, equip her as President/CEO—the role she calls Chief Servant. Lorraine’s God-sized ministry goals require Stonecroft to rely upon Him for all accomplishments.

Doris Thompson: Vice President of Outreach

Doris Thompson helps women put their vision and ideas into action. As Vice President of Outreach, Doris' goal is to reach as many women with the Gospel with as many means as necessary in as many places as possible. She works to develop outreaches and equip Stonecroft volunteers to implement new outreaches.

There are many other board and staff members many of who you will not necessarily have contact with.

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