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Suriname -Malnutrition

"In this new century, millions of people in the world's poorest countries remain imprisoned, enslaved and in chains. They are trapped in the prison of poverty. It is time to set them free."

Every 3.6 seconds another person dies of starvation and the large majority are children under the age of 5.

Infant and maternal mortality rates are estimated to be much higher in the interior of Suriname than the national averages

Stunted growth in Maroon children in Suriname is better explained by a shortage of well-balanced complementary feeding rather than by an absolute shortage of energy. Education about food recommendations for the young child is of great importance in the prevention of chronic malnutrition.

There is a high underreporting of maternal and infant mortality in general the isolation of the interior and lack of adequate health care facilities, requiring air transportation sometimes, place women in this area at higher health risk

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