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Tanzania Sewing Ministry - Thank you Barbados


My name is Sala Mlelwa, I was born around 1970’s I do not know the exact date of my birth because my parents died long time ago when I was just a child so I grow up in many places with people who were not so interested with me. From my childhood I was busy working as a house girl so that I could get food. Because of this I have never attended any school at all as a result I don’t know how to read and write. (Pastor Lottie’s wife Stella has helped me with this letter.)

In the year 1985 I was married to a husband whom I thought could take care of me but soon after we had two children he started abusing me. I had nowhere to go so I decided to stay with him though the situation was not good, there after he ran away and left me alone I was going house to house washing peoples clothes so that I could feed my two children, I stayed alone for almost five years of loneness. I got married again to a husband who seemed to be so nice to me. I told him about my first husband and everything about my life he accepted to take care of me and the two children, after a while we had a baby boy child who was born with physical challenges. He is almost two years he can not see, he can not sit, he can not speak, his neck is not strong. My husband is not happy, he is beating me every time he says I should leave with this baby {his name is Fredy} If this is not enough one time he beat me till he removed my two front teeth, I fainted when I came to normal self I found that I do not have two teeth!

I am so glad that I have been accepted in your UCT branch here in Tanzania as one of the women who is being trained how to make out fits. I feel like this is my only hope I thought that they could refuse me because I don’t know how to read and write but I have been accepted I truly see this as the hand of God in my life. I am also so interested with the way we are doing the training since early in the morning before we start the work we are having a short teaching and devotion this has really taught me that there is God who loves me. What I can tell you is I could not think that one day that I would really know how to make outfit for free since in many places it is very expensive but here we are being trained for free. On top of this when complete a work we are given a little money. I feel like it is something which will truly put my life in the position which I will be able to take care of my children especially now with my beloved child Fredy.

Thanks very much once again for the project which will empower us as women in Tanzania.

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