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TEEN CHALLENGE - Barbados history

Teen Challenge Barbados was started in 1996 Teen Challenge Barbados was started in 1996 to help Barbados and the nations of the Southern Caribbean deal with the problem of drug addiction facing families in the region.
Teen Challenge started with one (1) student in June of 1996, when it was still under construction and renovations at the Verdun St. John facility.
By 1998, Teen Challenge housed twenty-five (25) students in-house and six students (6) in tertiary care.

After 2 ½ years, Teen Challenge acquired a 6 ½ acre property at Mapps College, and relocated in March of 1999. Much work was done to prepare the new facility while the program continued to serve its student population.
To date the Ministry has served over 1000 admissions spanning 9 Caribbean Islands as well as students from The USA and Canada, with a 70% recovery rate for those completing the program.

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