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Teen Challenge has a recovery rate of 70% of students who complete the program. We measure our recovery of students in three distinctive categories.

(1) Primary Recovery
(2) Secondary recovery and
(3) Tertiary recovery

Primary recovery refers to students who are abstinent from all drugs and mood altering substances.

Secondary recovery refers to students who (after completing the Teen Challenge program) are gainfully employed and / or studying or learning a trade but continue to use a “secondary choice of substance” like cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana intermittently, but continue to function and be productive in society and be abstinent from their drug of choice.

Tertiary recovery refers to those students who have relapsed but continue to come back into treatment and not give up.


"I was desperate, and being Hindu was not working. I met with a man from the Logos and we talked about various religions and The Bible and I said: 'Give God a chance'." < Read more >


This letter is for all those in need, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands. To any one who is looking for a little hope to hold on to. < Read more >


I was raised in the church from a young age and I never lacked anything due to the financial position of my family. Somehow, looking for an identity, I began to identify myself with Rastafarianism and that was how I began to smoke marijuana. After one year, I became a Rastafarian. I became unable to maintain a job and unable to focus on what I wanted in life. I started to blame the system for my failures. < Read more >


During my year at Teen Challenge Barbados I believed that God was developing within me a love for counseling and a strong desire to seek an alternative direction for my life. I have experienced growth and leading through group counseling. Through prayer and seeking God’s will the door opened for me to go to Teen Challenge International Ministry Institute in Jacksonville Florida for one year. During this time I compiled 37 courses ranging from Crisis Counseling, Personal Studies for New Christians, to understanding addiction and turning point insight. The year was intense and yet rewarding, allowing me to grow spiritually into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. In my fourth month working on staff at Teen Challenge Barbados, God fulfilled his promise as I continued to seek his will for my life. I am blessed with three children and lift praises and thanks to God for bringing me out of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. My claim is found in Hebrews 6 Verse 19a “For we have hope that is firm and secure as an ANCHOR for our soul…”


I was fourteen years old when I smoked my first joint. That joint progressed to alcohol and stealing from my family members. After leaving school I went to work for Yamaha and I found myself spending all my earnings at the end of the week in drugs and partying. This became a habit and I found for the next couple of months this behavior began to take a toll on my life. My relationship with my family and friends suffered. I lost the support of my family and I felt as if the world had given up on me. I was fired from my job and was asked to look for somewhere to live when my mother was moving. This was because of the constant stealing from them and utilizing their personal items. I then found myself living in a shed by the Kensington Oval. My mother became very concern when she realized that I was coming by her for breakfast everyday. Eventually I told her where I was living and this was the point where she said that I needed to get help. I was enrolled into the Teen Challenge Program for a year and this is when my life started to turn around. I gave my life to the Lord and I felt him healing my heart and now God is restoring my relationship with my family and friends. I am now the maintenance coordinator at Teen Challenge and the Lord is working wonders in my life. My desire is to serve him all the days of my life



A God of second chances. I was caught in addictions that followed me from Jamaica to the United States for 17 years of my life. In 1998 I found myself back in Jamaica living on the streets with more broken dreams. I was filled with shame and hopelessness a life that seemed worthless. Most people had given up after they had tried to help, but many years of cocaine addiction had done its job. I had started to believe that my life was hopeless. In desperation I honestly cried out for help and God led me to Jamaica Teen Challenge where my healing began. It was good to be in Teen Challenge where others told me that they believed in me. I was encouraged and loved. Since then I have made mistakes that have cost me dearly but even when I fail God, I received mercy. It was this mercy that brought me to Teen Challenge Barbados for help. Since then I have completed a year of restoration. God has been opening other doors. I am now serving as a staff member at Teen Challenge Barbados, with God’s direction and support of many people like you. Teen Challenge Barbados is here for those who have made bad choices in their lives and for those who God has given a second chance to.

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