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United Caribbean Trust (UCT) began as a faith-based organization to help the victims of hurricane Ivan in the tri island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique during September 2004.
What stared as a primary concern to help render relief after damage assessment and consultation with community leaders has swiftly grown into an imitative fuelled by a ‘vision’.
A vision that seeks not only to help the Caribbean and other countries in Disaster Management Mitigation but to also establish a series of Empowerment programs that will bring socio-economic changes to those who reside in impoverished countries.

In the time of its existence and operations UCT‘s vision and its programs has progressed from the shores of the Caribbean to bridging the gap back to Africa.

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Utilizing the medium of net-working its Founder has met and instituted partnerships and working alliances with several NGO’S, churches and individuals in various islands and countries who all want to play a role in the socio-economic development of countries in the Caribbean and Africa and to ensure that the worth-while ‘vision’ of the Trust becomes a reality.

Seen here UCT Tanzania Womens empowerment program

In addition UCT has undertaken research in Guyana, Grenada, Petite Martinique, Carriacou, and in recent times Haiti, in a hope to help aid and enhance the socio-economic development of these countries.

A trip to Guyana in 2005 by the Founder of the United Caribbean Trust, Ms. Jenny Tryhane and their Mission Outreach personnel Mr. Tony Garner, to assess the extent of flood damage in the country.

Guyan Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief and UCT tream

Further more UCT has seen it fit to become familiar with International Organizations, Regional Governments and Institutions to promote its mandate, programs and objectives towards countries in the Caribbean and Africa that are impoverished.

UCT sees it as essential to be knowledgeable of International and Regional Governmental mandates which in essence will give them insight and guideline on how best to develop their socio-economic programs which will boost and compliment the noble objectives of these Governments and esteem Institutions.

After Research, Consultation and the forming of strategic Partnerships some three years ago the Trust now sees itself poised to fully undertake and bring to fruition its Vision.

Objectives :

  1. The Care, Nurture and Rehabilitation of those affected by National Disasters.
  2. The relief of Poverty
  3. Improvement to the Environment.
  4. The advancement of Health and Education
  5. The Development of Humane resources Skills
  6. To unite the Caribbean especially the children through Faith, Sports, Travel and Music (including arts, dance and drama)

As time has gone on the UCT’s Objectives whilst remaining the same has now broaden to include:

Africa Appeal

The African Initiative of UCT came after natural disasters in Africa and in particular Mozambique. UCT Trust launched an African Appeal to bring relief and assistance to the poor and many who were with out food or necessary supplies.

African Appeal has not only sensitized UCT to the needs of our brothers and sisters in The African Diaspora but has established viable links with Churches, N.G.O’s and individuals in the following countries.





At the end of 2005 UCT sent a representative to Africa for over 6 months to lay the foundation for its endeavors there, to identify areas of concern, to liaise and form links with organizations, churches and individuals to bring such projects to fruition.

Meeting took place with Governmental officials in the Ministry of Education and work started to identify the needs within schools and orphanages. Lands and other faculties and infrastructure were identified that would be needed to bring such projects to fruition.

Such interaction, dialogue and trips have led to established centers and projects in Malawi and Tanzania.


Programs offered in these countries are:

Educate A Child in Tanzania

Feed The Orphans in Malawi

Women Empowerment Sewing Program in Tanzania

Church building project in Tanzania

Sponsor a Pastor Program in Tanzania

Sponsor a Pastor Program in Malawi

As times goes on and resources are made available UCT plans to extend these now small initiatives and establish UCT Mission Holiday Bases on Lake Malawi as well as Lake Tanzania.

There is a great need to extend the project into other African countries and duplicate programs already offered and where necessary offer other programs to meet the specific needs of each country.

Building on these initiatives the UCT over the last year has seen its vision shift to the Caribbean and UCT has established links and formed partnerships with organizations and individuals who share the same vision of UCT for their particular islands especially for Gospel Tourism.

Seen here the land that UCT is seeking to purchase for the first Christian Timeshare Kingdom Building Resort.

Key alliances have been formed with Churches, schools, business persons and organizations to form what is now known as Help for Haiti and one of the hall marks of UCT is to partner with Churches, organizations and individuals who all share the same vision
Other initiatives have taken place in Carriacou, which were birthed out of the devastation left in the wake of hurricane Ivan. These included meetings with the Ministry of Education and the documentation of the damage to the schools in Carriacou, establishing web pages for each school in preparation for the introduction of the School Twinning Program.

Assistance was given financially and through mission trips to Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary following the destruction of their church by a hurricane in June 2005. A new sanctuary has been established including a children’s church.

Seen below left Pastor Happy on the roof and right at the dedication of the Sanctuary. Praise God

Last Christmas UCT extended its arms of help into Haiti and Dominica in an imitative called ‘Make Jesus Smile’. We have a deep desire to be an expression of the love of Christ on earth, bringing hope to children in Haiti and Dominica responding to meet the holistic needs of the child – physically, emotionally and spiritually. UCT's Make Jesus Smile shoebox project has been a great success and it has proven that the children on Barbados and we believe the Caribbean enjoy actively helping children that are less privileged than there are.

Out of this has been birthed the idea to introduce the project into the Community Centers and into the School Summer Camp.

We are now looking to extend our Make Jesus Smile shoebox initiative into a Community Based Mitigation Program, introducing a similar project called Make Jesus Smile Baby Boxes -

These boxes will be packed during the school holidays and stockpiled leading up to the hurricane season.

Whilst at Summer Camp, in the Community Centre, the children will be taught a simple but efficient Disaster Mitigation Program.

The shoeboxes are the catalyst used to get into the schools, Sunday Schools and After School Clubs within Barbados and shortly we seek to extend into Trinidad and other islands.

Through the shoe boxes ministry various UCT programs are being introduced in Haiti including:

Sponsor a Child
Adopt a School
School Twinning

In seeking to bring its vision to fruition UCT has linked with individuals, Haitians by birth who now reside outside of Haiti, who are trained and skilled and who have all been using their limited resources and networking to bring some Aid to Haitians.
These individuals are now poised to return to their native land to help in the socio-economic development of their country and welcome the opportunity to work with the Trust to achieve one common goal.

Such individuals have identified areas and communities, churches and schools that will welcome assistance and in addition have identified available land to use for agro-projects and buildings to house programs.

They have also identified the types of programs that will be needed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those to whom aid and assistance will be offered.

After sharing with those who have a passion for Haiti all came to a clear decision that their vision was to work in rural communities in areas such as health, education, agriculture and natural disaster.

UCT Founder and Director Jenny Tryhane has undertaken the task to visit Haiti twice, meeting with key personnel including the Mayor of Jacmel. She has established strong links with churches and schools, identified lands and districts for agro projects and viable business ventures and environmental projects that will enhance the Haitian communities.
UCT has made a firm commitment to partner with Churches, schools and organization and to build on this initiative which we envisage will play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of not only Haiti, but will touch the entire region known as the Caribbean.
It is greatly anticipated that this initiative will bring empowerment and social mobility to those who were once referred to as being dis-enfranchised and will seek to alleviate poverty and can be seen as a small but significant cog in the wheel of economic change that will help the United Nations achieve its mandate of eradicating poverty globally by the year 2015.

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