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Vivien HibbertVivien Hibbert has given her life to the study of worship. Born in New Zealand, Vivien is the author of Prophetic Worship and the praise and worship manual, Ministry Music. Vivien is a regular faculty member of the International Worship Symposium, International Worship Institute, and Canada Arise (Vancouver, BC). She is known as a zealous worshiper and regarded as a premier educator in the field. With over twenty years of practical experience in the field of Worship Arts, her leadership ensures that our mission and values are articulated and transmitted to all constituencies. As our primary educator, President Hibbert also directs the growth and development of both staff and students. The Worship Arts Conservatory is blessed to have such a genuine and anointed leader.

Mission Statement

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

The Worship Arts Conservatory is established to provide a superior educational experience to men and women who are called to minister through the arts. We are devoted to equipping present and future worship ministers and artists as they pursue a deeper knowledge of God and learn to use their art for God's glory.

By providing a distinct and relevant education, we endeavor to advance the frontiers of the Kingdom of God, to contribute boldly to the international Christian faith community, and to pursue these objectives with vision and integrity. The Worship Arts Conservatory seeks to engage the mind, strengthen the spirit, and encourage the best efforts of everyone associated with the school. In so doing, we work to release artists and musicians into churches, cities and nations to "make His praise glorious" (Psalm 66:2) and to be lifelong learners and ministers for the glory of God.

Our Statement of Faith

While we uphold the basic tenets of the Christian faith, The Worship Arts Conservatory has no denominational affiliation. We leave such intentions to the discretion of students, faculty and staff on an individual basis. By the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, The Worship Arts Conservatory will partner with the local church and other ministries to offer Biblical and practical training. We believe that:

The Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man, the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. The Scriptures declare:

His virgin birth
His sinless life
His substitutionary work on the cross
His bodily resurrection from the dead

In addition to the above statements of purpose and belief, we consider it our spiritual prerogative to:

  • Establish and edify a caring community of believers that will glorify Jesus Christ
  • Advance the Kingdom of God
  • Prepare the next generation to do the same
  • Maintain our inherent right to sovereignty in the conduct of our own affairs, and voluntarily enter into spiritual fellowship with all churches of like faith

God’s Spirit is pouring out today in a new wave of worship that is going to totally transform the church as we know it. Prophetic Worship provides a clear guide for those who wish to ride the crest of this wave and experience the power and presence of God as never before.

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"I highly recommend Prophetic Worship for those who want to hear the Lord among His people today. Vivien Hibbert articulates clearly the differences between traditional and prophetic worship. She has the experience and understanding that can help the Church transcend horizontal worship and experience the presence of God."
-LaMar Boschman, Dean of the International Worship Leaders' Institute

"Vivien Hibbert is beyond a doubt the best teacher on the subject of prophetic worship. This book contains 'fresh manna' for true worshippers."

-Dr. E. Charlotte Baker Pastor, Teacher, and Author

"Vivien has a unique and proven ability to express lofty spiritual truths in a systematic way that builds understanding. Her teachings are both heart-driven and practical. This book is sure to be a valuable part of every music and worship leader's library."
-Bob Sorge, Author and Teacher

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