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CARRIACOU - help arrives

Saturday 18th September 2004

Petite MartiniqueWe met several residents on the quayside, who assured us there were no primary needs for food, etc. All seemed extremely concerned regarding the situation inn Grenada and urged us to take supplies to their brethren there. Spoke to Mr. Fredericks who assured us that they were ok, houses were being repaired and that they had had “ lambie, fish and enough supplies, and gas was being brought in by boat.”.

After a short delay, due to the arrival of the coffin of Mr. Theo Benjamin, whose son’s home was severely damaged in the storm. The stress of this allegedly affected his health and he succumbed to a heart attack. There is one woman in need of supplies and baby needs and these will be dropped off shortly, once we unload the hold. (Seen above talking to Jenny Tryhane one of the team members)

Special baby needs Special baby needs are being addressed by the women of Barbados led by Meanie Bishop (246 432 1137) who has worked with her team to create 'Baby Survival Kit' These have been invaluable in bringing hope to a handful of the mothers of these islands who are so in need. Facing the special challenge of trying to cope with small babies in a devastated environment. This is one of our main concerns and the help in Barbados is desparately needed
RUVINT arrived Carriacou at approximately 1140hrs, and were met by Mr. Stephen “ Scraper” Gay and Mr. Wallace Collins, Customs Authority. While the hold was being unloaded, we cleared Customs. Barbados fishing boat Ruvint arriving  in Carriacou
Carriacou relief arrives

The Nation team departed with Mr. Bristol of the Customs office for an island tour after much discussion, so therefore there is no local Nation documentation of our arrival; however, Mr. Grant has advised that some photos can be used in our effort to tell the world that help is needed.

Mr. Maitland Coy, Grenada CableVision station documented the arrival of the supplies and footage is available through their offices.

RUVINT arrived Carriacou at approximately 1140hrs, and were met by Mr. Stephen “ Scraper” Gay and Mr. Wallace Collins, Customs Authority




Tyrrell Bay by our Host, Mr. Scraper Gay, and accommodated in two of his villasWe were then delivered to Tyrrell Bay by our Host, Mr. Scraper Gay, and accommodated in two of his villas. Accommodation costs of US$70/p/day are currently being incurred and the team is actively seeking a more permanent base.

A meeting of Community leaders was called for 7pm and some 20 representatives greeted us, with Mr. Gay as host. Present was Mrs. Maria Alexis, Revenue officer, Chair, Carriacou Disaster Preparedness Committee along with members from key areas within Carriacou including Mr. Karl Benjaman from the public works department, teachers, environmentalist, social workers, members of the Carnival Committee, musicians, poets, artist and public spirited individuals.

A lively discussion ensued, with residents indicating the damages within the community as’rather' extensive, though certainly not on the scale of Grenada. Urgent appeals were made especially to Col. BURROWES of the Salvation Army to come to the aid of the local churches.

Father Tommy Barrett – Top Hill/Mt. Royal
Father Jimmy – Windward / Petit Martinique

ANGLICAN – Father Rosewell –Hillsborough
ADVENTIST – Leo Fleary
EVANGELICAL – Sidney Coudjoe

Please send ARMY representative as soon as possible; damages are being assessed and tarps are desperately needed to secure roof of RC church. Father Tommy is terribly shocked and the interior is also water damaged. There is dire need for linens, blankets and food supplies

Property damageThe meeting continued and a list of over 450 properties has already been documented as damaged by Ivan the Terrible. Houses have been destroyed, animals and pets are suffering. These chickens and dog were fed by the relief team entering the area. This house has been destroyed.

The Hospital has roof problems and low on medical suppliesWe were informed that the Hospital has roof problems and is low on medical supplies. We are to pay a courtesy call on the hospital and Ministry of Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs, the Permanent Secretary. Mrs. Bernadette Sylvester and Minister Elvin Nimrod.

Carriacou damagedReports were also given on the civil situation by Government Engineer, Mr. Karl Benjamin. Roads have been damaged and local power is under restoration except for rural areas. Many poles and lines were downed and this damage is under assessment and power restored where it is determined to be safe. The Belmont Post office needs tarpaulins as the roof is off, post cannot be delivered. Urgent help is needed in this area.

Mr. Stannel Duncan to be contacted at Water Authority: There is no real capability for assessing water testing, as all water supplies are privately cisterned so we have advised boiling water for household use and use of water purification tablets; advised 6 drops of Clorox per gallon for ice, brushing teeth etc, use of bottled water for children and baby formulas.

NEEDS: tarpaulins, water purification tablets, CLOROX,

Carriacou schools in need of your helpThere are many schools damaged and school is due to start on Monday.

Hillsborough Government school has lost much of its roof and students are being housed in Community centre. This school serves 6 villages.

Bishop College requires 75 chairs Bishop College requires 75 chairs and there are many damages to the property.

Dover Government School is also badly damaged and as some schools serve as Hurricane Shelters, It is important that these damages be assessed and resolved. < Read more >

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