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The New Testament Church of God- the Big Move

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The Big Move is part of our plans for the future. What is the Big Move? It is an acronym, which I will briefly explain.

:: Building Committed Confident Leaders
The Church stands or falls on leadership. Leaders will be committed and confident when they are sure about their faith and their calling, when their finances are in place and their family is secured. They will give excellent service to their church and community when they learn how to prioritise their activities, making allowances for times of rest, relaxation and reflection.

:: Informing and Impacting our Youth
Our young people are our most precious asset. In them lies the future of our church. Through our programmes and relationships with them they must know, without a shadow of a doubt that they are a part of the church now. How we care for them, how we communicate with them and how we guide them will determine their long-term commitment to the church.

:: Growing Healthy Churches
What constitutes a healthy church? Is it numbers, finances, programmes or is it the building? All these things are important and have their place, but a healthy church has to be one that is fulfilling the command of Christ to make disciples who in turn will spread the news of His redemptive love.

:: Mobilising the Church for Ministry and Missions
The paradigm for doing ministry and missions must change. A few people, often working single handed to do the work of the church, will not suffice in the 21 st century. Gifted, talented people in our congregations must be empowered and released to do the work of ministry in the church. The romantic affair we have with missions must stop. Our response to world missions must go beyond an emotional response to disaster or hardship somewhere in the ‘third world’. Missions must become lifestyle for our church.

:: Offering Hope and Leadership to our Community
The church must be the voice of the voiceless. There is a dearth of effective leadership in our community and in some neighbourhoods violence and crime reign. Government and Civic Leaders do not have the answers. It is in climates like these that injustices triumph and the poor and the needy are crushed. Leaders at every level must be trained to serve their communities.

:: Valuing our Women and our Men
“The Times are a Changing.” When the History of our church is fully written, it will be seen that women played a major role in making the church what it is. As we learn to value our women and empower and release them into different areas of ministries, they will play an even more dynamic role in furthering the church’s goals. Our men likewise must be helped to fulfil their roles, not only in the church, but also in society as a whole. The next generation of black men must be prepared for leadership now.

:: Evangelising our Communities
If evangelism is the heartbeat of the church then this vital ministry cannot be left to a selected few, neither must it be a separate event confined to summer seasons nor relegated to the senior citizens of our church. Evangelism must be restored to the priority position Jesus intended it for.

These seven points will form the basis of our programmes over the next four years and hopefully lay the foundations for the years beyond that. We have been in consultation with over 1,000 key leaders in the past four months. Their contributions have been documented and will form part of the programme we are developing. This will be a programme that will be delivered at both the national and local levels.

We are “Moving Forward Together!”

Eric A. Brown
Administrative Bishop

England & Wales

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