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Guyana Medical Association - Foulis Field Medical Centre

- February 4, 2005
Surendra Persaud M.D.
President of the Guyana Medical Association

Water contamination With many areas remaining flooded and the fact that a “basin” effect has occurred in many villages and much of the water is unlikely to dissipate in the near future, the health risks to persons in these areas will progressively increase. It should also be noted that the health risks will not vanish when the water recedes but will change from essentially being water-borne illnesses to vector-borne illnesses.
The water in these areas is largely stagnant and with the large numbers of humans and animals residing in these waters, the degree of contamination with human and animal excrement will continue to increase. The cases of confirmed and presumed leptospirosis along with deaths are an indication of the degree of contamination and the risk to persons in these areas. In addition, other gastrointestinal illness presenting with vomiting and diarrhea will also be largely due to bacterial or parasitic infection resulting from the ingestion of sewage-contaminated water. Photo compliments of the  Guyana Citizens” Initiative for Flood Relief,(GCIFR)
Photo compliments of the  Guyana Citizens” Initiative for Flood Relief,(GCIFR)

We would therefore strongly recommend that ALL persons, especially women, children and the elderly, vacate the flooded areas at the earliest possible opportunity. It is our belief that the continued presence of humans in these areas will lead to greater morbidity and mortality. Also, since the health threat is increasing and will be sustained, preventative health care measures may not be as effective as intended and thus every effort should be made to encourage citizens to vacate ALL flooded areas.

Seen here Surendra Persaud M.D. the President of the Guyana Medical Association and General Surgeon at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Kingston. Mr. Persaud manned the Foulis Field Medical Centre on Sunday March 6th 2005

Over 140 residence of this village were clarked, monitored, examined by the doctor, referred to the hospital where needed and treated with a limited supply of medicines.


  • A medical doctor
  • Portable water (six 400 gallon water tanks)
  • Pediatric Amoxicillin for prophylactic treatment of leptospirosis (600 bottles)
  • 12 thermometers
  • Vaseline
  • Cotton wool
  • Anti-tetanus injections
  • Syringes & needles
  • Gloves (Surgical)


List compiled by Deo Persaud RGN (UK) Seen here showing care and compassion.

Tel (592) 629 8046


Deo is in the UK presently seeking medical and financial assistance. A meeting with the Caribbean Development Trust is being arranged
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